5 Living Room Designing Ideas

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living room designing ideas

Looking for inspiration to redesign your living room? We’ve got your back with some fresh living room designing ideas. The living room as the name suggests is the place where we end up spending a lot of time either alone, with family or friends. You have your parties and get-togethers in your living room. It is almost like the face of your home after the entry door. So it is imperative that this room is a notch above the other rooms in your house.

Here are a few ideas that can give your living room a complete makeover.

Creative/Artsy Bookshelf

living room designing ideas

It’s always good to have a bookcase in your living room. A creative book case with a fine collection of books always catches the attention of visitors. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room. You can opt for an artsy, non-conventional book case. Something which is from the floor to the ceiling as shown in the picture. And you always have the option of coming up with your own design.

Open Living Room

living room designing ideas

Having an open living room with tall ceilings, white walls, and french windows can give your living room a fresh and bright appearance. It is a great option if you want a design which allows a lot of sunlight into the room. This sets a playful tone to your living room.

Go Victorian

living room designing ideas

If you’re a fan of the Victorian era, then you can add a dash of Victorian setting in your living room. Chandeliers, stone walls, and carpets can give your room an old-world charm. Also, don’t forget to get wooden flooring and classic furniture to finish the look.

Art on the walls

living room designing ideas

Add a splash of color with a beautiful, wall-mounted oil painting. This can act as a contrast in a room with lighter hues or in a monochrome setting where the furniture and the color of the wall are the same.

Kid friendly living room

living room designing ideas

Another way to redesign your room is by making it kid and pet-friendly. You can use bright colored hues, lightweight artifacts, and accessories. The walls can have stain resistant, easy to clean paint. Refrain from using a wallpaper, as you don’t want your child drawing new patterns on them every day. Lastly, opt for furniture with soft edges.
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