4 Renovation Ideas To Revamp Your Old House

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August 4, 2017
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August 14, 2017

Bored of your old house? Spice it up with some clever renovation ideas to make your house look brand new! There are multiple innovative ways to renovate your old house. It’s up to you as to what all you need in your home. To begin with, you should first know what are the things you wish to renovate your home. Only when you know what needs to be renovated, you’ll be able to define focus points and work on them. If you are just looking at converting lifeless interiors into something useful and interesting, then you might have to take inputs from our professional Edmonton home renovators.

Let us take a look at few renovation ideas to revamp your old house.

  1. Turn Space Behind The Staircase Into Display Area For Books

Get creative! Use the dead space behind stairs to store your books which at the same time can also serve as a display area for your books. This way you can smartly flaunt your book collection in the unique way possible. You can also make use of this space to have storage cabinets for other objects or have a couch and lamp setup for reading books. There is so much you can do with dead space in your house.

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  1. Turn Your Attic Space Into An Additional Room

These days, the prices of houses have gone up, so any kind of living space is useful. You can turn your spooky looking attic into a guest room, an additional bedroom. or a playroom for your kids. With the help of our Edmonton home renovators, you can put your attic to good use.

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  1. Make Your Walls Magnetic

No, this does not mean that your walls can magically become magnetic. But you can get close by adding magnetic strips and panels to the walls in your kitchen, bathroom, and living room. You can stick metallic objects like scissors, knives, paintings, clips and other materials.

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  1. Build a Second Mini Fridge Under Your Kitchen Countertop For Beer

Get smart with storage. Have a built-in mini fridge for your beer collection. This can be your second fridge which you can exclusively use for storing beer. With Davery Homes, you can come up with innovative designs for your kitchen countertop and the built-in mini fridge.

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  1. Creative Fireplace

Why not have a fireplace in your bathroom! You can have a built-in fire pit on your bathroom wall. So you can enjoy a comforting bubble bath with the warmth of a fireplace. You can also use creative frames for your fire pit, to make it look vintage.

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At Davery Homes, we provide all kinds of home renovation services. We provide our clients with a beautiful living space. To know more about our services, get in touch with our experts.


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