4 Top Custom Home Renovation Trends for 2018

Infographics: 4 Home Building Trends in 2018
January 2, 2018
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January 7, 2018

Analyzing the early 2018 design trends that we have seen, it really seems like a year full of potential for postmodern art and interior designs. With the help of top custom home builders, these trends can not only be incorporated into your home successfully but also executed with perfection. If you too want to transform your smart homes with the irresistible fusion of lazy finesse and effective minimalism, then watch out for these custom home trends for 2018:

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  • Artsy Ceilings

We have neglected our ceilings for far too long. Here we are referring to those dated false ceilings that hardly cut it anymore. Innovative custom home builders recommend introducing fresher designs for creating artsy ceilings that incorporate patterns, tiles, and even halo effects.

  • Storage as a Style Statement

There was a time when creating storage for your valuables was a difficult task for most home builders, it used to take up too much space, and fill up your rooms making them look cluttered. Although with the installation of open shelves the problem of storage can be minimized, the maintenance associated make them a tricky addition to your home. Today, designers and top custom home builders recommend opting for heavy cabinetry and storage buffets that are stylish as well as spacious. These fixtures act as a style statement in their own right and the top custom home builders have a knack for placing these fixtures to perfection.

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  • Spaced Out Kitchens

The scope of a kitchen has changed tremendously in the previous decades after the increasing rise in popularity of open kitchens. This was done to smarten up the kitchen and integrate it into the serving area. However, with the advent of 2018, there has been a trend of detailed segregation of the kitchen with immaculately designed cabinets that enlarge the kitchens that can be executed with the expertise of top custom home builders in Edmonton.

  • Jewel Tones, Earthen Textures, Metallic Finishes

Another really popular trend that top custom home builders recommend to homeowners is the use of metallic and jewel tones. A whole range of gold, bronze and silver metallics can be used as borders, panels, and lights fixtures. This is done in complete unison with the interiors that have jewel tones with just the right amount of gloss to make the difference. Tones such as deep velvet or pristine purple can be used to complement the metallic finishes better. Earthen textures can also be utilized for creating warm and inviting the hallways.
With the help of top custom home builders such as Davery Homes who pay special attention to detail, your Edmonton home can be built and renovated strikingly. Their ideas for home renovations are certainly going to make you appreciate the place where you live.

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