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June 13, 2017
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Are you planning to get your bedroom renovated? Is space a major constraint for you? Then read on to get some good small bedroom renovation ideasRenovating a small bedroom requires some amount of creativity and expertise. Only a good design can provide the illusion of space in a small bedroom. There are many Edmonton home builders and renovators who undertake bedroom renovation projects. There are a variety of ways in which you can remodel and renovate your bedroom décor. Here we have a list of bedroom renovation ideas for you to take inspiration from.

  1. Lean Bed Frame

The bed is the most obvious and important part of your bedroom. You can opt for a skinny bed frame which will save space and also look good in your bedroom. Dark colored wood always looks good especially when you have light colored walls and bed sheets. This not only saves space but also changes the overall look of your bedroom.

  1. Useful Furniture

In a small bedroom, space is highly valuable. Using efficient and creative furniture will help your room look good while saving space. Using a dresser in between twin beds can be a good idea. Otherwise, placing a storage furniture can act as a nightstand for both the people in the bedroom. This will work well for children’s bedroom.

  1. Prints

Using prints on your walls, curtains, and bed sheets will make your room look dynamic and vibrant. So try matching prints across all accessories, and use neutral shades like cream and beige wherever necessary to balance out the prints. Stripes can make the whole room look vibrant and elegant. But make sure not to go overboard with these prints.

  1. Wooden Walls

The use of wood in home décor is always a classic choice for homeowners. Wood has its own charm and using it in your bedroom can bring about a stellar change in your bedroom décor. You can try going for wooden planks on walls and contrast this with the use of bold linens. The rustic look of wood will feel fresh and quaint.

  1. Artifacts

Who says there is no room for artifacts in a small bedroom? You can always choose to have a nice painting on the wall right above your bed. This can then be the focal point of your bedroom. Paintings and artifacts always have a classy look. You can also opt for photo frames instead of paintings.

If you’re looking out for more bedroom renovation ideas then reach out to our experts. We will help you renovate your bedroom and make it look luxurious at affordable prices. Davery Homes is a renowned Edmonton home building and renovation company. You can contact us at the earliest if you’re planning to build a new house or renovate your existing home.

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