7 Easy Fireplace Design Ideas

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September 8, 2017
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Imagine sitting next to a classic fireplace and snuggling inside your blanket on a chilly, snowy day with a cup of warm hot chocolate. If this is your idea of a perfect winter day, then make sure you have a fabulous fireplace. This is the perfect time to redo your living space so that it can be ready before Christmas. So stop finding reasons to delay that long-awaited renovation and plan your home redecoration with a good Edmonton home renovator

You can take inspiration from our list of fireplace design ideas to get started:

  1. Brick Fireplace

If you love traditional décor styles, then a brick fireplace is the perfect option for you. This simple fireplace usually works well when surrounded by a classic white mantel. A brick based fireplace can also give your living room a touch of old world charm.

  1. Black Slate Fireplace

Add some depth to your décor with a black slate fireplace. You can use stone based materials instead of ceramic tiles to give it a more dramatic look. Pair this fireplace with an elegant wood mantel to complete the look.

  1. Stone Fireplace

Another way of designing your fireplace is by going completely rustic with a stone fireplace. The main highlight of this design is created by using stones in the surrounding as well as in the basic framework.

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  1. Painted Brick Fireplace

If you already have a brick fireplace, then you can revamp it by adding a fresh coat of white paint. This contemporary design requires less work and is a quick and affordable way to get your fireplace redone.

  1. Ornate Fireplace Mantel

You can also change the mantel of your fireplace to give it a fresh, new look. Visit stores that sell antique or vintage style furniture and get an ornate fireplace mantel. You can then get it polished or colored with the help of your home renovator to make sure it aligns perfectly with the rest of your room decor.

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  1. Limestone Fireplace

Having a classic limestone fireplace in your living room can elevate the look of your entire decor. You can also make it the focal point of the room by experimenting a bit. Try a circular fire surround instead of a standard rectangular one to create a unique fireplace.

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  1. Outdoor Fireplace

All the above fireplace design ideas were specific to your living room, but this one is for your outdoor space or patio. You can install a fireplace in your backyard or somewhere on your front porch and complete the look with some comfortable seating arrangements to create an ideal spot for your family and friends to relax and mingle.

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These were a few fireplace design ideas to create a cozy nook for the wintry nights. To know more about interesting home décor and renovation ideas, get in touch with Davery Homes, one of the best Edmonton based home renovators.

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