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Do you find your kids constantly rubbing their eyes, sneezing their heads off or experiencing shortness of breath, even when they are home in the middle of July? Do you have allergic reactions or feel a sudden uneasiness in breathing when you enter your house, or do your guests complain about the same? If so, what you might be experiencing is the effect of having bad indoor air quality.

So, what causes bad air quality? Look around. The walls of your luxury home that surround you and ensure your safety, if maintained less than ideally, might be the reason for your deteriorating health. Just the superficial cleaning of the floors or dusting the rug may not be enough. Here are a few things that you can do to make your home a healthy haven for your family.

Vacuum Regularly

It’s as simple as that. Vacuuming your house regularly ensures that your indoor surfaces are free of dust and pet hair, and helps to prevent asthma and other forms of dust allergies. Make sure to go over cushions, rugs and other surfaces of your luxury home that readily attract dust. A little effort taken regularly goes a long way in providing long-term health benefits.

Frequent Maintenance

Having your Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning ducts and equipment regularly checked and maintained by technicians could make a huge difference in improving your household’s air quality. Air conditioning ducts, over time, collect a lot of undesirable particles from the outside and continually release them into your home, rendering your cleaning efforts less than useful. Periodically cleaning these systems will make it easier to clean your homes as most unwanted particles enter your house through them.

Indoor Plants

It is a well-known fact that plants help in cleaning the atmosphere. So, it only makes sense to have more plants in your homes to have clean, breathable air. You also get the side benefit of an aesthetically pleasing interior in your luxury home.

No Smoking Indoors

If you have any breathing complications, the most sensible thing to do would be to avoid all forms of smoke, especially that of tobacco. Abstinence from indoor smoking will improve the air quality in your home and make it many times safer for your family.

Dehumidifiers and Air Purifiers

Using specialized equipment to control the humidity and purity of indoor air should be your last option to get a more breathable indoor atmosphere. Purifiers might be excessive to the requirement if you have a luxury home in a relatively unpolluted city like Edmonton.

If you try all these steps and still don’t see an improvement in the air quality of your home, it is probably means that your house needs renovating due to rotting wood or mold. To learn more about renovating your home and ensuring a safe and healthy household for your family, contact us for a detailed conversation.

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