5 Winter Flooring Ideas For Contemporary Homes In Edmonton

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Nothing compares to the warm and cozy feeling of your home during winter. With the temperatures dipping and layers of snow covering the ground, coming back to the warmth of your house is what you look forward to. And, to prepare for this chilly weather, you get your walls insulated and furniture covered with warm upholstery to make them cozy, but what about the flooring?

Well, here are a few flooring renovation ideas for the winter that all contemporary homes in Edmonton should opt for:


Vinyl is available as a flooring option in the form of sheets or sturdy tiles. While it may not possess specific heat retention properties, it is resistant to water penetration, stain, and discoloration. This makes it a good choice for snowy footfalls. Also, as vinyl tiles are thin, you can easily add underlayment of foam to insulate it and make sure your home stays warm through the snowy season.


Cork is a material which has natural thermal insulation. It consists of encapsulated cells or air pockets which makes it a non-conductor of heat. Due to this, cork avoids heat loss from the room and helps in maintaining optimal temperature levels during winter. Cork is also easy to install and can easily be laid over the existing subflooring in the forms of tiles or sheets.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors do not just provide an unmatched aesthetic appeal to your house but are a very good flooring option to consider for the winter. Hardwood flooring is a good conductor of heat which not only helps in keeping your floors warm but also radiates this heat throughout the house make it a really good flooring option for the winter

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are often considered for bathroom and kitchens due to their easy cleaning properties. However, many people are not aware of how highly water resistant these tiles are, making them a good option for your winter flooring. During winter, dirty and snow-slicked footprints are a common sight in every household. Having these footprints on a carpet flooring can be a pain to clean. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, can be cleaned easily with a single wet wipe and can work smoothly with electrical floor heating devices.

Laminate Tiles

Laminate tiles are an excellent option for winter flooring. These tiles are made of various materials including resin and cork. Resin and cork have natural heat-trapping quality making laminate tiles warm during the winter without needing any other under the surface heating device.

Apart from making use of the above-mentioned floor materials, you could keep your flooring warm by adding carpets or opting for underfloor heating. Either way, make sure you have an expert on your side to make the right decision while renovating of contemporary homes in Edmonton. Reach out to our experts at Davery Homes for complete flooring and renovation solution.

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