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January 4, 2021
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A floor plan is essentially a blueprint of your house that you or an interior designer can design to account for space planning, furniture layout, the flow of traffic, ventilation, and all other amenities to include. It is essentially a what, where, how, and why and it is a first step towards designing a custom-built house. Here are 6 tips to create a floor plan that you would find satisfying.

1) Budget Matters

How can a floor plan affect your budget? Turns out it can affect it exponentially since different house designs, styles and layouts have different prices to implement in real life. You can ascertain different floor plans to decide which one suits your needs and budget.

2) Scale and Proportion

The priority is to make proper measurements of the house to create a floor plan. You should take care of scale and proportion or else you would end up creating a floor plan that doesn’t’ fit the dimensions. Make an account of doors, furniture, fixtures, and other items probably by using a tape measure before designing a floor map on a piece of software or a drawing board. If the layout has improper proportions, it will stick out for sure and that’s something you must avoid.

3) Keep Ventilation and Light In Mind

You shouldn’t create a floor plan without accounting for ventilation and outdoor light because that will influence you and the value of the property in the long run. Living room and kitchen windows should face northwards. Keep a tab on which side gets more light before actually designing a floor plan. Ventilation is another key element that keeps your house properly aerated and freshens the air.

4) Flow of Traffic

If your floor plan doesn’t have recommended space between walls and furniture for an uninterrupted flow of traffic, the floor plan is to be blamed. Be it a bedroom or a living room, keep an account of space between two objects. This will allow your place to have more open spaces rather than cramping everything together. 

There are a lot of open floor concepts available that allow the free moment of traffic while making the place look bigger than it actually is.

5) Think Ahead of Time

You have an “X” sq. mt of space to create a floor plan. Designing a floor plan means utilizing the space available with all the amenities you need. It is imperative to think ahead of time such as a nursery you’d need a few years down the line after getting married. A garden space can be an excellent utilization of space if you want nature around your house. Essentially, each room, be it a living area or bedrooms must have a proper size with some room left to remodel it in the future, if needed. 

6) Electrical and Plumbing Systems

It’s an ill practice not to include electrical & plumbing systems in a floor plan. Create a floor plan that includes all electrical and plumbing inlets and outlets, pipes and wires, and everything in-between. This ensures proper utilization of space available rather than wasting it later by not incorporating it in the original floor plan. Also, it is much cheaper to have a complete floor plan ready beforehand since what else remains is just to implement/construct it. 

Davery Homes have been implementing industry standards in designing floor plans and layout and implementing it with a team of craftsmen that makes a house feel like a home.

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