Does Your Home Have These 4 Smart Home Technology Solutions?

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March 16, 2018
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Gone are the days when The Jetsons’ world seemed unrealistic. Yes, it has taken us about half a century to get through to that level of technological advancement, and while we still don’t have flying cars, we have available technology that seemed inconceivable just a couple of decades back. These smart technological solutions help us in a variety of ways. Some add to our convenience, some offer practical solutions to legitimate problems and some help us sleep better at night. How many of these does your luxury home have?

1. Automatic Door Locks

This is one of those essential solutions for those who prioritize security and safety. Automatic door locks, with their advanced door locking systems, allow you to control the doors of your home through your smartphone. These intuitive marvels sense your presence, along with your behavioral traits, while locking and unlocking doors. The system completely eliminates the previous hassle of using keys or using handles in order to open doors. They open on their own as they sense you coming, taking the limits of convenience to newer heights.

2. Remote Access

Remote access allows you to maintain control over your luxury home even if you’re not in town. You can readily operate your locking system, your security cameras, and even your intercom system through your smartphone. This comes in handy even if you’re indoors and if young kids are playing outdoors. This is the most recommended solution by luxury home builders to prospective homemakers.

3. Tuneable White Lighting

Colors have the capacity to alter our moods. Warmer tones that are reddish in color have a calming effect, and colder tones that are laced in blue helps you boost your energy. Now, consider altering the most commonly used color – white, according to your need? Tuneable white lighting could be altered depending on your mood preferences, or depending on the activity you’re currently involved in. The result of such a subtle modification? Well, try it out and let us know!

4. Controlled Thermostat

Imagine entering your home on a chilly wintery evening. What would you want? A warm and cozy home, surely. Realizing this basic need, home automation solutions have developed smart thermostats that allow you to control the temperature of your home through your smartphone even if you’re not around. That’s not all, the system also allows you to direct heat to the rooms that are occupied, handing you further control over your surroundings, and reducing unnecessary waste of resources. Here’s an all-weather ally if there ever was one.

Edmonton Luxury Homes

It’s never too late to integrate these solutions into your luxurious home. We’d go one step ahead and say that making these additions is almost mandatory when you’re working on a new home construction.

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