7 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Luxurious

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Edmonton luxury home renovatorsIt is the first space you see when you enter your home or when anyone else visits your residence. As the name suggests, ‘living room’ is where life happens. It is an integral part of the time you spend with your family. Also unlike bedrooms, your living room is an open space where everyone gathers and spends time together. So why not make it look absolutely luxurious?

If you are planning to redecorate your home, then we have 7 living room renovation tips to get you started:

  1. Go Minimal

You must have noticed that a lot of celebrity homes have very minimalist styling. Most people choose to go minimalistic not because they cannot afford to be extravagant but because being minimal is productive as well as classy. Consulting efficient Edmonton luxury home renovators like Davery Homes, you can select the best of furniture and décor accessories and easily give your living room a minimalistic look.

  1. Use Light Colors

Opt for whites, creams, and softer hues to give your living room a more luxurious look. Light colors make everything seem brighter and cleaner. This also gives your living room a very high-end vibe.

  1. Supersize Your Art

Make use of interesting artifacts and paintings. If you are opting for lighter hues for the walls, then try decorating the walls with large painting or artifacts. This will add contrast to space and add a vibe of luxury to the room.

  1. Opt For Fancy Drapes

Add some depth to your living room with the help of vibrant, long curtains. It’s preferable to use curtains with simple prints to maintain the minimalist look of your living room. Long ceiling to floor curtains gives the illusion of a high ceiling in your room.

  1. Use Layered Lighting

Lighting can either break or make the overall look of your living room. Use a variety of lighting options to add depth to space. You can opt for pendant lights instead of a table lamp to add on to the classy vibe. Adding dimmer switches also helps in making your room look more opulent.

  1. Incorporate Texture

If you are confused about which textures you should opt for, then mix and match. Use more than one texture such as wood, glass, metal and woven materials to add the required dynamics to your living room.

  1. Get a Large Rug

The trick to make your living room look luxurious is to make it seem spacious. Pick a gorgeous, Persian rug to complete the aura of your room. It is recommended to opt for larger rugs as small ones usually make your living room look narrower while a large rug gives the illusion of space.

So here was our top 7 living room renovation tips. For more ideas on home renovation, get in touch with our Edmonton luxury home renovators at Davery Homes.

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