The Elements of the ‘Perfect House’ – Part I

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Have you ever dreamt of living in the perfect home nestled in a picturesque location? Most of us have envisioned ourselves living in a palatial home that has all the elements of a perfect house. As custom home builders, we spend a considerable amount of time fulfilling these dreams of people. And, after considerable amount of experience in the field of home building and renovations, it won’t be wrong to conclude that there are certain elements that define a ‘perfect house’. These comprise of both external, as well as internal elements. In this two part series, we will first cover the essential exterior components of a ‘perfect house’ and then interior elements in the subsequent post.

Low-maintenance Siding

Weekends are best spent relaxing, rejuvenating, and pursuing activities of interest, and not fixing or cleaning your high-maintenance siding. Hence, a low-maintenance siding forms an integral part of a ‘perfect house’. The best siding options in the market are low-cost vinyl siding and durable fibre-cement. These options tend to be cost-efficient, low-maintenance that yield higher returns on investment.

Warm Fireplace

No outdoor living space is complete without a warm and cosy fireplace. Especially in a place like Edmonton, where temperatures are low all through the year, a creative and functional fire pit or fireplace can do wonders. Have a few seating options around the fireplace and you can spend hours reading a book sipping hot chocolate near your outdoor fireplace.

A Fountain with Landscaping

Having a perfect home is also a sign of your financial success. It is, in effect, your way of telling yourself and the world that you have finally arrived in life. So, why hold back on external aesthetic adornments? Get your custom home builder to have a fountain planned in your outdoor landscape. Fountains can add to the overall curb appeal of your home.

Outdoor Seating and Dining

While we mentioned having a few seating options near your fireplace, you can actually go a step further and add a full-fledged dining area for 3-4 people. This could be the place where you throw your barbecue parties, dinners, and carry out casual outdoor activities. A custom home builder or a landscape architect can help with designing your outdoor space. They usually have the knack of making even small spaces appear large.


Lighting is an essential component for both external and internal home decor. It can actually make or break the appearance of your home. By using certain types of lights you can selectively highlight certain element of your outdoor living space. Consult with a home renovator before you purchase the lighting fixtures for your home.

Outdoor Heaters

If you have a large outdoor space and many family members, then you would need an outdoor heater along with an external fireplace. Outdoor heaters come in handy when you plan to dine outside with your family and friends. There are various types of heaters available in the market, you can opt for something that suits your preferences.

These were the major defining elements of a ‘perfect house’. Watch out for this space to read the next part in the series, where we will be discussing the interior elements of a perfect house.

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