5 Best Window Types for Your Homes

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Several custom home builders will help you build or renovate your homes as per your requirements. Most of these builders provide unique custom-made interiors just like a piece of clothing or accessories these days. Most of us are driven to making our houses stand out with style and innovation, while some of us desire a comfortable and cozy abode. And why shouldn’t we? Changing or repairing roofs, Getting your walls painted, replacing doors and windows, and other services will help you start afresh, upgrade your lifestyles and make the living environment safer and cleaner.

Doors and windows play a significant role in keeping us secure and changing the overall appearance of our houses. Windows, primarily, act as a medium to bring in fresh air and light into the home as well as driving away from the unwanted smoke and dust out.

If you are planning to replace your old and worn-out windows, listed below are some styles that you might want to install.

1) Casement Windows

These windows are a replica of doors. They open on the outer side and are beneficial for the inflow of fresh air. The more significant area occupied by the glass panes helps to filter an ample amount of light indoors. They are preferable choices in both summers and winters due to their adjustable opening feature.

2) Awning Windows

These windows are operated from the base having hinges at the top. Like the Casement windows, they open on the outer side and allow sufficient light and air to flow into the rooms. They are also beneficial in areas experiencing frequent rainfalls or precipitation or even slanting sunlight as they provide shade and prevent the water from getting inside.

3) Sliding Windows

These windows are the most flexible and adjustable ones. Their main characteristic feature is that they slide horizontally on both sides. They generally have large openings and provide a magnificent view, just like the Casement windows. They also have the simplest mechanism and are available to be installed at reasonable rates.

4) Bay Windows

These windows are generally installed to enhance the architectural aesthetics of a building or a house. These windows are placed at different angles. The light and air enter the room at different angles due to the windows placed at different angles. They are generally installed by custom home builders in luxury homes or villas mostly into Kitchens or family rooms.

5) Picture Windows

These windows are generally popular in areas experiencing high rainfall or snowfall. As they are fixed windows, they help avoid leakage problems and help allow ample sunlight to enter the houses. They prove to be helpful to keep the weather war or cold due to the flexibility of glass panes to absorb heat and cold. They also provide the best views.

Based on your requirements you can either go for a replacement of your window or opt to refit the old one. In case you are confused about the choices, you can take an expert opinion from our custom home builders or may opt for a home décor service.

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