5 Outer Wall Designs to Get the ‘Perfect’ Exteriors

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The exterior of your house sets a tone for your home as a whole. People spend a lot of money to beautify their home’s interiors but, so often, the exterior of the house gets neglected. The exterior appearance of your home needs as much attention as the interiors of your house.

Have you been thinking about improving your house exteriors? If yes, you can reach out to custom home builders like us to help you select a perfect outer wall design that will suit your house. In this article, we look at some exterior wall design options to achieve the ‘perfect’ exteriors.

1. Modern Outer Wall Design

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If the interiors of your house are inspired by modern architecture, then modern outer wall designs are perfect for the exteriors. It is the most popular exterior wall designs among house owners of this era. Custom home builders like us can help you go through many modern outer wall design as well as select the best for your home.

2. Wooden Exterior Wall Design

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Wooden floors, furnishings, doors, and windows give an exotic look to the interiors of your house. But they also make the exterior of your home look stunning! Wooden exterior walls offer an advantage as they are easier to alter or tweak as compared to outer walls built using stucco or concrete. Also, wood is flexible as it works well with any size and almost any home design.

3. Modern Stucco Outer Wall Design

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Stucco has been used for the exterior walls of homes for a very long time. It is the simplest way to take care of the exteriors of your home. It has a rough finish but adds a lot of durability to the outer walls.

4. Rock Slabs, Stones, and Tiles for Exterior Wall Design

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Different colors and types of tiling, rock slabs, and stones for outer wall design – together, these are a good choice for the exteriors of your house. Different types of tiling and rock slabs and stones, when used creatively, give a luxurious look to the outer walls of your house. You can discuss with the custom home builder which of the three options can enhance the look of the exteriors of your house,

5. Stonewall Outer Wall Design

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Stonewall is an evergreen option for beautifying your home’s exteriors. It is an excellent choice for both traditional or modern homes. But you need to make sure that it goes well with the landscape and surroundings of your house to make it a success. Talk with custom home builders to understand whether it suits the location of your home or not.

Are you looking for custom home builders in Edmonton? Get in touch with us. At Davery Homes, our team of experienced, highly attentive and empowered custom home builders bring your vision of a perfect home to life.

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