Five Tips for a Successful Infill Building

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March 4, 2020
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June 4, 2020

Are you looking into infill development in Edmonton? Do you have a vacant piece of land or an old house that needs to be revitalized or recycled? Well then, look no further. Here are some of the best tips that can help you succeed with your infill building.

1) Understand the Aesthetics of the Neighbourhood

Infill development is a great, eco-friendly way of utilizing the space in an already developed neighbourhood. But you have to be careful when you decide on the type of building you want. You need to follow the underlying architecture of the community, otherwise, your building will stick out like a sore thumb. For example, a modern, chic house will look out of place in a relatively traditional neighbourhood, and the same goes for the other way around. 

Hiring a good architect can go a long way when it comes to designing an infill building. Your architect should have a keen understanding of both your needs as well as your neighbourhood’s aesthetic.

2) Figure Out the Type of House You Want

Infill developments can be of many types, so you need to also decide on the same. You can either go for a detached or attached bungalow, semi-detached duplex, or a skinny home. This should meet your needs and be suitable for your land. Here, too, hiring a good architect will help as they can design a house that meets your expectations and budget.

3) Talk to Your Neighbours

Infill development generally gets built close to the adjoining buildings. Hence, you must talk to the neighbours before starting the infill construction. Let them know about your plans, how long it will take, and the kind of annoyances they might face. This will help them prepare for the construction, and they will appreciate your effort once you move in.

Additionally, if possible, you should also try to get a letter of support from the neighbours as this letter can help you get approved from the committee of adjustment when you approach them with your plans.

4) Work Out the Budget

Numbers can be quite tricky with an infill project due to several factors. You not only need to need to get timely approval but you also have to meet specific infill construction codes. Additionally, you have to hire a contractor with enough infill project experience. To avoid any financial issues down the line, you should work out the budget thoroughly before you proceed with the project. While calculating the finances, don’t forget to add a buffer of a few thousand dollars over the budget in case something goes wrong.

5) Hire a Reputable Infill Contractor

One of the easiest ways of constructing an infill building is to hire an infill contractor. They can take care of all the duties that come with the construction, from taking care of the legal procedures and ensuring that the provincial codes are being followed, and they can also help you figure out the best budget and architecture of your infill project.

For more detailed information, reach out to Davery Homes. We have immense experience in infill constructions in Edmonton, and we can help you build your dream house with the best budget, right architecture, and efficient construction. Contact us now!


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