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Your home is your refuge, the only place you rush to for some shelter from the storm. For some, their home is a source of great comfort and positivity, while for others; it is a source of negativity and unease. This is because of the specific choices of décor, design, and its placement which impacts your subconscious to such an extent that it triggers real emotions – of tranquil, or of discomfort.

The Chinese recognized the manner in which our intimate surroundings impact us, and created the quasi-philosophical system Feng Shui in order to effectively guide us in our pursuit of decorating our homes, considering various factors such as science, human behavior, and metaphysics. Here are a few Feng Shui tips to make sure your contemporary home in Edmonton instills positivity.

The Front Door

Your front door is the first thing you would see as you enter your house, in many ways, your front door sets the mood. The front door should be evenly painted, and Feng Shui recommends shades such as brown, red, or green for positive effect. Furthermore, the thin walkway to your front door should ideally be curved. Feng Shui states a curved pathway keeps out negative energy.

The Color Scheme

The color scheme directly affects your mood, and it is for this reason one must ideally refrain from selecting darker, heavier shades to encompass the living room or the bedrooms. It has been observed the lighter, breezier colors have a contrasting effect on our moods. Feng Shui also recommends not visually congesting your room with the use of too many colors since that leads to restlessness and unease. Going by the trends, modern contemporary homes in Edmonton have already employed this knowledge.

The Elements of Nature

Much of Feng Shui is based around fusing our lives with the elements of nature. One should ideally prefer an airy house intertwined with the outside world. A glorious sun-baked house during summer, a blooming garden with constant chirping during spring, or the sound of rainwater falling on the grass – let the elements of air, water, and earth enrich your life. Additionally, having an indoor plant also has benefits. This is where science would dutifully nod in agreement.

The Clutter

Feng Shui clearly states it is vital to have a clutter-free home and we are not talking about untidiness here. Some enthusiastic homeowners make the error of having too many decorative accessories on display. Displaying some decorative essentials indicates taste and individuality, but overdoing the same is not advisable. Having sufficient space to move about and having enough breathing space, in general, has its advantage. Most contemporary homes in Edmonton have moved towards minimalist designs perhaps not even realizing where the idea originated from.

We understand building or renovating your home with such specific preferences could be taxing. But, reputed custom home builders such as Davery Homes, with their impressive new home constructions, excel when presented with such challenges. This is a natural result of their lofty quality building standards.

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