4 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Building a Home

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January 3, 2019
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February 1, 2019

Building one’s own home is the ultimate dream. A home that you’ve built according to your taste and needs, with all the elements of your ideal home taken into consideration, is the best place in the world to live.

If a home is not built according to a person’s taste and living styles, it becomes harder to stay in the same home for a long time. At one point or the other, you’ll feel like you have been living in someone else’s home and then you’ll have the idea of selling it and moving into a different home at some other place. This will not only have you wasting a lot of money before recovering from building expenses but will also make your home undesirable. A home that is undesirable for the owner cannot be expected to be appealing to the buyers.

What to Take Care of When Building a Home?

Home building is not the work of novices. It takes skill and ideas to create a perfect living space in the area of land provided. Common people wouldn’t know what to do if they were given a piece of paper and told to make a home design plan. Of course, you can have your own ideas about how your dream home should be but technical designs and a proper building plan can only be created by experienced custom home builders. Still, an owner should have full participation in the whole process and make sure the builders don’t make the following mistakes.

1) Not Selecting the Construction Site Carefully

One must never settle for a piece of land that is just okay. If you’re compromising with the lot because that was the only one left in the area, you’re going to regret the decision when the background of the land and the size of the land does not look enough for you to build a desirable home. It is always good to check the land for ample size and the location of the land. Make sure that you have the amenities you need nearby, and you can get the basic necessities. Homes built near places that have a lot of convenience stores are your best bet. Look for healthcare facilities and schools nearby. The nearer your home is to a healthcare facility or a school the more the resale value of your home.

2) Not Knowing How to Read a Contractor’s Bid

Construction bids are written in technical terms and are hard to read and understand. This can lead to misunderstandings. If you don’t read the fine print well, you may end up not being satisfied with the look or the build quality of your home. However, if you learn how to read construction bids you can easily choose between the wrong and right custom home builder.

There are three pricing methods used by most contractors. The first method is using square foot pricing. In this process, the contractor simply sets an average cost of construction for every square foot of the area. It does not take into consideration the cost of materials and manpower for construction. The second and a more reliable method is the assembly method. It includes the cost of building each component of the home separately instead of adding up average costs for an area. Unit pricing method is the most accurately designed bid but is time-consuming as it considers the cost of all the supplies needed for construction.

3) Making Changes During Construction, Not During Design

Building a home is a one-time investment and the costs that you pay must get you a home that stays perfect for you for a long time with no need for remodeling. You must always take care of the fact that changing your plans for the design of an area during the construction can lead to a lot more expenses than what was incurred for its construction. Always finalize your plans and designs of all the areas of a home before you give a go for the construction. If you need to, take more time and decide the design you want. Time can be taken instead of wasting money on breaking down and reconstructing an area.

4) Overlooking the Resale Value of the Home

When you’re building your own home, you always want it to be personalized and unique. After all, what’s the meaning of investing such a large amount of money for a run of the mill home? If you’re investing money on building a home rather than buying one, uniqueness is something you’d surely want. But always keep in mind that too much personalization can create problems when you’ll be selling the house 10 or 15 years down the line. Think from a home buyer’s perspective. If you go for a home search, what do you look for in a home? People who are viewing homes always want to have a unique look but with an extension of their persona. So, do keep the uniqueness of the home but do make sure you do not make it so unique that it only defines your personality and nobody else’s. For example, we’d strongly suggest you don’t design a home in the shape of a submarine!

Building a home is a huge investment and it needs to be managed properly. When there is such a huge amount of money included, you must insist on getting the best quality of construction for your home. You must look for the right custom home builder in order to ensure proper construction, proper execution of the design you want, and to make sure the construction is completed on time and according to the building standards. Contact us at Davery Homes for the construction of your home or any remodeling work.

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