4 Trendy Home Renovations to Consider This Summer

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June 5, 2019
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As another season comes around, top designers and editorials predict the designs that are going to be in the trend that season. Now that summer is here; there is a whole set of rebuilding trends for high-end home builders to keep in mind. As far as colours are concerned, you should always go for shades of colours to suit your personality. Take a look at some of the trends you should consider for your home renovation this summer.

1) Abstract Kitchen Islands

Most of the islands you see tend to be regular geometrical shapes, such as rectangles, circles, and triangles if you want to be quirky. But you rarely see irregular kitchen islands or as the editorials may term it as ‘abstract kitchen islands’. A lot of high-end home builders are recommending this renovation plan to their customers because of the uniqueness of it. Plus there is not much planning required for an abstract kitchen island; you could also suggest a few ideas of abstract shapes.

2) Destination Bathtubs

Previously all you could think of was the size of the bathtub to get a luxurious experience, but now it is where to place it. Nowadays, high-end builders believe that the popular choice is destination bathtubs. No, it does not mean having a destination decor surrounding the bathtub. It LITERALLY implies that you take your bathtub outdoors and have the outdoorsy atmosphere of the destination you wish to have. Just surrounding your bathtub with flamboyant trees is not enough to get the effect of Bali.

3) Dining Nook

Dining Nooks are one of the cutest trends of summer 2019. If your high-end home builders do not suggest you get a dining nook built in your house, that means they are not keeping up with trends. The cosy spot is great for enjoying your solo coffee or breakfast with your family. You can get full-length windows or wall windows to make it look spacious. Besides this, joint seating is preferable for the nook, because it is a tiny space. Now you might ask, why would you need a dining nook when you have a dining room? A dining room not only functions as an eating place but also allows you to have a place for you to collect your thoughts. In case you decide to have an outdoor dining nook, you can collect thoughts in the fresh air.

4) Fireplaces

These are coming back in trend, first the electrical and now the courtyard ones. In summer, these are trending because you can always go and chill outside throughout the night. Electric fireplaces merge into the modern and contemporary vibes of homes, mostly used for their appearance and energy efficiency. Besides this, there are outdoor courtyard fireplaces. You can have a great outdoor fireplace and have an adorable courtyard seating spot. With seating, tables, bar trolley, etc. to perfect the outdoor fireplace.

Now that you know what the trends for summer are, you can have your home renovated in time for summer to kick in completely. Get in touch with reputed high-end home builders and jump on the bandwagon with others.

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