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Custom Walk-In Closet Design

Some of our more Frequently Asked Questions listed here may answer some of your questions.

What is your cost per square foot?

Gauging a home’s value by cost per square foot is an inaccurate assessment because you would need to compare exactly the same materials and home plan specs for it to be accurate. With a custom home this is not possible.

Since we have a vast experience with different types of projects, we can help you determine the true cost of your custom home. We take you through a comprehensive budgeting process that will allow you to estimate the total cost of the project before it begins.

Can you match another builders low price?

If you’re seeking an extremely low price, then Davery Homes may not be your choice. We charge fairly for our expertise with our client’s budget in mind. We are a preferred choice of contractors for suppliers, we secure the best prices on materials and labour for our projects.

Our past clients appreciate the 100% cost transparency that we guarantee on every project. Time and again, our clients have found that we deliver a greater value for their investment dollar compared to other builders.

We recommend you do a thorough investigation of the contract and your builder’s reputation. Building a custom home is a commitment and decision to be made with all proper due diligence, even on us.

Are your project managers experienced?

We have strict recruitment standards. We handpick and hire only the best project managers who are experts in their field and knowledgable in all areas of construction and code requirements. In addition to this, our project managers undergo rigorous training on a weekly and monthly basis. We take pride in having a skilled team of project managers for every one of our projects.

Do you have a showroom or model home we can view?

We respect the privacy of our clients. However, if we have an ongoing project and the clients permit visitors, then we would be more than happy to show you our work. Apart from a great way to assess a home builder, for us, this is an opportunity to show you what makes us stand out and makes us the preferred contractor for many people.

Do you have past clients we can speak to?

Yes, our past clients will be happy to share their experience with you. We respect our client’s privacy and time and they know that this will be asked only for qualified, prospective clients.

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