What Goes In The Home Designing Process?

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So, have you decided to design your new home yet? If yes, you surely must be having a picture of your ‘dream house’ in your mind. Did you know that matching the vision of your new house can be difficult? It requires a step-by-step, detailed home designing process to achieve what you expect. Though every home designing process is unique, here is a generic step-by-step process for most houses.

Step 1: Have a Vision

If you don’t have a rough picture of your dream house in your mind yet, make sure you have it before you hire professionals. Surf the Internet, check the magazines, visit your favorite neighborhoods, and get inspired. Get your expectations, requirements, and needs together to create a basic picture of your future house. Don’t forget to include your lifestyle and budget in this planning.

Step 2: Select a Professional Architect/Designer

No project can be completed without an architect, a designer, builder, and contractors. Choosing the right professional for your home designing project is the most important step for building your new home. Do your research well and find out the best professional in your town who works within your budget.

Step 3: Discuss Your Vision, Requirements, And Expectations

Once you have selected your professional/s, it’s time to discuss your rough plan, expectations, and requirements with them. This will be a brief conversation where your architect or designer will ask your likes and dislikes and try to know your requirements in detail. He/she will also explain whether your vision is achievable or not. Discuss the budget in this step itself so that you can finalize them.

Step 4: Do The Site Analysis

Visit the site that you have shortlisted with your designer to do a ‘SWOT’ analysis of that place. Analyze the site and inspect the land, the amount of sunlight received, surrounding views, soil type, landscape area, and transport facilities of that place.

Step 5: Design The Blueprint

It’s time to design the final structure of your house. Using Computerized 3-D design, create the final floor plan, rooms, sizes of the home elements, walls, etc. and draft the end blueprint. This will help you see how your house will actually look like.

Step 6: Apply For Permits And Obtain Them

Find out the necessary permits that you’ll need for your house building process. Permits need to be obtained before hitting the first hammer on the site to avoid any legal issues or punishments later in the future. Your architect, designer, or builder will help you throughout the permit application and obtaining process.

Step 7: Start With Building

Once you have all the necessary permit documents in hand, you can give a green signal to your home builders to start with the actual construction.

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