4 Things To Include in Your Victorian Style Living Room

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The living room is an integral part of your home. It is the place where you and your family spend a considerable amount of time together. It is a place where most of your family memories come from. This is why your living room should have the best design.

For those of you who wish to give your living rooms a luxurious look, Davery Homes is the ideal home renovator to opt for. They are high-end home builders and can make your living room like a scene from a Victorian movie. With their elegant designs and some classy furniture, you can easily transform your modern living room into a Victorian style salon. Here are a few things to include in your classic Victorian style living room:

  1. Color Palette

You must have noticed that Victorian style décor usually consists of dark, rich hues. These tones add depth to the entire living space, giving it a luxurious look. Victorian rooms are all about visual opulence, so make sure you use colors such as purple, dark shades of coral and blue for the backdrop. You can then contrast the walls with metallic colors in your furniture and brighter lighting options. Use textures and detailing in your walls to make it look timeless.

  1. Furniture

One of the most defining aspects of a Victorian style living room is its furniture. In today’s day and age, such designs are considered to be antique. There are many dealers who specialize in such furniture. You can get your furniture custom made from such suppliers. You can also get your own loveseat, sofa, and chaise lounge made of high-quality hardwood with the highest quality upholstery and detailing. Some of the popular furniture styles used in Victorian living rooms are Gothic, Tudor, Elizabethan, and English Rococo.

  1. Fireplace

Amazing fireplace design is one of the most distinguishing features of any indoor Pride and Prejudice scene. You can opt for a herringbone patterned fireplace design with exposed wooden ceiling or a stone based fireplace to increase the overall appeal of your Victorian style living room. You can also give a modern twist to your fireplace design by using Carrara marble frames with a metal fireplace.

  1. Lighting

Victorian style living rooms are characterized by their magnificent chandeliers and other dim lighting options. You can also use lighting options to highlight your furniture. Mount lamps on period bookshelves to enhance and transform them into a beautiful feature. High-end home builders like Davery Homes can help you turn your living room into Victorian marvel.

So these were a few essentials for a luxurious looking living room. If you are an avid fan of Victorian style home décor, then get in touch with our representatives today.

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