3 Renovation Projects That High-end House Builders Recommend

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November 20, 2017
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November 24, 2017

Is your home prepared for the winter season? Are you looking for ways to keep your home warm and energy efficient through the snowy weather? With the advent of winter, it is necessary for us to prep our homes and get the required renovations completed. Most high end house builders offer interior renovation services during this season. Be it the kitchen, basement or the bathroom, every room can be remodeled to suit your needs during the winter. Upgrading your interiors also add on to your preparations for the Christmas season.

Here we are going to focus on 3 home renovation projects that high end house builders recommend during winters:


The couch near your fireplace is the coziest space in your home during winter. An upgrade to this fireplace can add charm and warmth to your living room decor. Consider updating to a gas fireplace or get a new one installed. The warmth of a new fireplace will add warmth and comfort to your home. While you update your fireplace, don’t forget to remodel the surrounding mantel as well. Opt for a fireplace design which is energy efficient as well as cost-effective. It is recommended to consult a high end house builder to choose the right fireplace design for your home.


Marble and tile are great flooring options but can get really cold during the winter. Imagine keeping your barefoot on a cement or marble floor on a snowy day and experiencing a sudden chill run all through your body. This is definitely not something you want. Most high end house builders recommend hardwood, carpet and laminate flooring for this chilly season. These flooring options retain warmth and provide insulation from the cold floors. These materials also require less maintenance and give your house a fresh look.


Undertaking major, exterior renovation projects might not be an option during winter. But, you can certainly get some interior renovation done during the winter. High end finishes such as replacing your kitchen countertops, adding storage facilities and cabinet doors can be easily completed during the snowy season. You can also get new appliances and furniture pieces for your kitchen. These small upgrades go a long way in improving the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

If you have a renovation project in your checklist this winter, then get in touch with us. Our home renovation experts at Davery Homes would be happy to help you.

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