Should You Hire A Project Builder Or A Contractor?

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May 1, 2017
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Most homeowners feel that a contractor, designer, architect, and project builder perform similar roles. This is a misconception! There is a huge difference between the roles of each of these. So in case you’re planning to renovate your house or construct a new one and wondering whom should you hire, you’re at the right place. The roles of each professional are described below:

Project Builder’s Role

A project builder is responsible for renovating or constructing your house and will perform all the house building-related tasks like setting the foundation, raising the walls, framing, roofing, installing windows and doors, etc. A builder can work as a part of a construction company or independently as an individual with his team of building specialists. He/she won’t help in planning or executing their home projects. All they do is remodel, renovate, or construct from start to finish.

These project builders will not start working in your property until you have obtained all the necessary permits. This means, they generally do not help in obtaining the permits. You will have to do that task on your own. Some project builders specialize in certain construction tasks while they don’t even provide other services. Hence, while hiring a project builder, make sure he/she provides the services you are looking for.

General Contractor’s Role

A general contractor is like the captain of any crew or team. This person is responsible for heading all the tasks and services related to home-building and renovation. A contractor may or may not have a team of professionals under him specializing in various services. He/she subcontracts with carpenters, designers, builders, roofing and other professionals to complete your project. From planning and designing the project to actually executing it, a home contractor will take care of completing everything with the help of his team. He/she also helps in obtaining all the necessary permits required to renovate or build your house.

A general contractor is the point of contact point between you as a client and his team of workers. He/she makes sure that the task is completed within the timeframe as he is accountable for the actions of his//her team . He/she is responsible for covering all the liabilities and insurances of all the workers with whom he/she subcontracts.

Whom Should You Hire?

As their roles, duties, and responsibilities are different, it is purely your choice whom you’d want to choose. A project builder will cost you a little extra, but will take care of your project from the start to the end. But, if you are just looking for building home or renovation services, hire a home contractor. Get in touch with us today and we will help you with this confusion. Our Edmonton home builders can complete the home tasks perfectly without any wastage or mistake.

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