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We all live in a house that is personalized as per our lifestyle and wishes. But the most interesting homes in the world are those that are unusual and have unique premium home additions that aren’t a common sight to witness. If you have been planning to include your house in the list of most alluring homes in Edmonton, you must think beyond decorative home siding and decks. Consider getting one or two of these premium home additions the next time you hire a custom home builder for a luxurious home facelift.

A Water Element

Water elements not only look alluring but also have Feng Shui benefits to them. Think of a life-sized water fountain made with stone and marble in the front patio of your house. Or a mini waterfall with beautiful pebbles and/or fishes twirling in it. Wouldn’t this be an amazing style statement for people who’ll find a charming water centrepiece as they visit you? Plus, the sight of water splashing and flowing in rhythmic patterns will keep you delighted all the time.

A Fireplace

Canadian winters are fierce, and other seasons don’t get very hot either. In such a cold climate, you need something to keep you and your house warm. No, we aren’t talking about the heating system. Imagine sitting by a humongous fireplace as the sun sets or rises with your glass of wine or cup of coffee. The thought itself is so soothing. Which is why a fireplace is one of the best premium home additions that you can think of. It lets you read a book or simply have long chats with your loved ones by creating a perfect and warm backdrop.

A Home Theatre

Why go out when you can have a theatre-like experience at home? If your house has some huge space, convert it into your personal home theatre where you and your loved ones can enjoy the movies you are fond of. A wine cellar, bar counter, mini pantry, or just snuggly couches are the best companions of a home theatre.

A Jacuzzi and Sauna

Rewinding after a tiring day at work or after a hectic trip is crucial. And a hot water bath or shower isn’t enough. Double the calming experience with a jacuzzi and a steam sauna. And why just those hectic days, you can step into your own jacuzzi and sauna in the middle of your usual days just to feel happy and cheerful.

Apart from the benefits mentioned for each of these, you must know that these premium home additions will also increase the resale value of your house by manifolds, in case you plan to move out of this place.

So why wait? Talk to your custom home builder to find out ways to make these additions a reality. Your home builder will also help you out with several other premium home additions as they specialize in luxury home building.

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