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Your home is where you spend most of your time. This makes it important to pay attention to the vibe of your home. There are many elements that make or break this mood, such as the colors you use in every room, the type of furniture, the designs on your upholstery, etc. But the sole determinant of whether these elements work is the overall lighting of your home.

Lighting primarily has two sources: Artificial and natural. A well-lit house needs the perfect balance of both natural as well as artificial lighting. Most Edmonton custom home builders work with three layers of light while designing homes – ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Every room has a different lighting requirement based on its size and room type. Take a look at these home lighting tips to brighten up your living space.

Beautify your Home with Artificial Light

Make effective use of artificial lighting in all your rooms. Determine the key features you want to highlight in each room, and choose different layers of lighting accordingly. Every room needs ambient or general lighting. You can opt for overhead lighting for all your ambient lighting sources.

Also, think about the functionality of each room before you plan your lighting sources. For example, your home office would need more task lighting than your bedroom whereas your living room would require accent lighting in the form of chandeliers and wall lights.

Design your Home with Wise Window Placement

To get natural light in your home, you need to plan the placement of your home windows well. Are you a morning riser? If yes, then maybe you would enjoy waking up to the rising sun. So, it makes sense to place your windows in a place where the sun rises, to capture maximum sunlight in the morning. But if you prefer dark rooms, then you could opt for a window placement that would fill other rooms with light.

Change the Vibe of your Home with Natural Light

Many homeowners tend to ignore the numerous health benefits of letting natural light into their homes. One of the main advantages of exposure to natural light is that it enables your body to produce vitamin D, a nutrient vital for our overall growth and development. It also helps in enhancing your mood. Natural light from the window is known to have a calming and a peaceful effect on people. In fact, lack of natural light can trigger symptoms of depression.

Opt for Light-friendly Reflectors

Remove dark furniture and accessories and replace them with lighter shades. Light-coloured surfaces reflect more light, thereby making the room nice and bright.  Transform flooring into light-friendly reflectors by choosing wooden, ceramic or stone floors with a polished finish, which reflects much more light than carpets.

We hope you will use these home lighting tips to brighten your home. If you wish to know more about natural and artificial light sources, reach out to Edmonton custom home builders today.

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