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May 6, 2019
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June 3, 2019

The last year was the year when pastels kicked in. The pastel trend is growing to such a great extent that it is incorporated in every item that we see today. Supposedly, it is going to stick for longer than we know. Using pastels is a challenging yet fun task. When you are custom building your house, it is essential that you know what you want and you are aware of whether it will be appealing or not. Usually, custom home builders provide as many catalogues they have to help you make the right decisions. But, knowing about a particular style beforehand will help you work better. Here are a few ways to incorporate this colour trend and make a perfect pastel home.

Choosing Colours

Incorporate Pastels

Selecting the right colours for your home walls is essential. The colours have to go together as well as complement every item in the room. Before finalising colours, you have to know that combining colours is going to give your rooms a distinct aesthetic. Like, pastels paired with whites will make your room look large, open and reflect a Scandinavian vibe. While pastels with dark colours will reflect a more mature and elegant environment. Try to use accent colours for different rooms. Usually, praline in the background goes well with pastel elements in the room. Of course, you can play around with pastel interior styling and choose what suits you best. If you have a solid pastel in mind, it is time to introduce patterns and level up the game.

Decorating With Furniture

The furniture is such an essential element of putting together a room. Furniture has to be decided entirely by you and not the custom home builders. The furniture should preferably be of the same type as your home walls, to keep a consistent vibe around the room. Materials that go well with the pastel room are wood, velvet, suede, and even black leather. Wood gives a more rustic look, while leather and velvet look extremely elegant. Choose according to what style suits you the most.

Pastel Accessories

With pastels, you can either have pastel or gold-coloured decor items. Gold statement pieces and metallic decor accents fit perfectly within a pastel environment. Choose between having either of the one, matte or lustrous pastel and metallic decors, to keep the consistency going. Ice cream tones also look suitable for kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Geometric furniture like lamps and shelves look great with the mentioned colours. To give a modern look to your rooms, you can opt for contemporary accessories.

Decorating with Furniture

Modern Look to your Rooms

Subtle Upholstery

Pastels can be used for upholstery in bedrooms and living rooms too. Upholstery items like pillows, cushions, blankets, side chairs, etc. could be patterned in ikat, chevron, or floral. If the room looks extremely edgy, tone it down with soft patterned furnishings like pillows and blankets. Pastel upholstery pieces go well with sugar-white walls as well. Finish up the interiors with wall and table accents, clocks, candles, bowls, paintings, decorative trays and boxes, in the colours you choose based on the discussion above.

These were just some suggestions that you could take inspiration from, but in the end, you select what you wish to, and there is no right and wrong. Choosing the colours, furniture, and patterns for your house is exciting, and it is what makes a house a home. A house built with such effort and care should have the right quality materials, so make sure that the custom home builders that you select, provide a classy service.

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