How To Increase The Shelf Life Of Your Expensive Flooring?

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We all love luxurious homes and expensive home décor. A well designed, prim and proper house is practically everyone’s dream. But a lot goes into making your home look like a dream. It is one thing to give your home a facelift and make it look classy, and a totally different thing to maintain every element in the house. Let it be furniture, walls or flooring, everything needs proper maintenance. It’s obvious if you take good care of something, it will last for long. The same applies to your expensive flooring. It takes work to increase the shelf life of your flooring.

Depending on what type of flooring you have, you should take necessary actions to keep it in good condition. Cleaning techniques differ depending on the flooring type.


For a newly finished hardwood floor with 3-4 coatings, there are many cleaners that you can use. A PH neutral cleaner is the best cleaning agent for hardwood floors. A cleaner with a lower or a higher PH can be harmful to your flooring as it reacts with the coating. So a PH neutral cleaner is recommended for finished floors. You can also opt for a wood-wash for the floor to clean your flooring.

It is evident that every 2-3 years you will have to refinish your hardwood flooring. No matter how careful you are, scratches are bound to happen on your floor. You can use floor-finish to fill in the scratches. This can be done using an artist’s brush. Waxing your floor from time to time can also help increase the lifespan of your flooring.


If your concrete floor is polished, then it is easier to maintain it. All you have to do is a basic cleaning process to keep your floor spic and span. You can fix minor cracks and scratches with proper patching material. “If the cracking is extensive, then the floor might need to be resurfaced with an overlay”. You can fix any sort of discoloration with concrete floor stains. And make sure you protect your floor with a floor wax.

General Tips

  • Regular Cleaning of your Floor: You can regularly clean your floor by vacuuming, sweeping or dust mopping.

  • Remove Spills and Stains Immediately: If you prolong cleaning the stains on your flooring, then it can get worse and there is a chance that it can permanently damage your flooring. To avoid this immediately clean off all stains and spills from your flooring.

  • Contact Professionals: Call a professional from time to time to refinish and perform other maintenance work for your flooring.

With all the above tips in hand, you now know how to increase the shelf life of your expensive flooring. Davery Homes, are Edmonton based home renovators. We undertake all kinds of renovation and home building services. You can get in touch with us to know more about floor maintenance.

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