How to Prepare Your Home for a Big Renovation

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Are you planning for a major home renovation before Christmas? That is a great decision, as getting your home ready before the temperature drops and you hardly find any contractors to work for you is smart. You must have surely thought of a secondary home to live and eat while your house undergoes the process of a facelift. But is your house really ready for a makeover? Yes, you need to prep up your home before the contractors walk in and you walk out. Here’s what you need to do to before your home renovation.

Decide What You Want

We all have big plans for redoing our home and making it look like our dream house. But how much of it is actually possible? You must do your research and find out what you want and what you can actually get. From door and window styles to modular kitchen, to a swimming pool, to the new gate style, find out all the options available in your city. Once you know the options, talk to your home builders and find out what can be turned into reality. See what fits in your budget too. After all this, you’ll have the final plan for your home renovation ready, and then, you can think of how your house will look after renovations.

Clear the Walls

Your walls will also have to be cleared, just like your house, so that your belongings are safe and the workers can work freely. They’ll require an empty space while preparing the walls, waterproofing, and painting them. Also, while drywalling, the vibrations may cause pictures and artworks to fall. Therefore, take them away beforehand.

Sort Your Belongings

This is crucial. Before the work starts, you must get all your belongings under your control. Move all fragile and precious items like China, photos, artwork, electronics, and all other items that you do not want to get broken or dusty into safe zones. Set a safe zone in your house that will be inaccessible to the workers, and put everything there. Or you can move your belongings to your secondary home. Next, clear the room of large items like furniture pieces and large rugs. You can ask the contractor to seal them carefully in plastic sheets and boxes. Lastly, get all your cash, jewelry, precious and valuable items in your control. Put them in safety lockers or just take them along. This way, you will let the workers work in your house without any obstacles or distractions.

Be in touch with your home builder, and they’ll tell you more about preparing your space for home renovation. They’ll tell you everything that they’ll need from your end, and also help you in sorting your home before they start working.

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