Infill Construction

Building houses in certain locations requires special building permits.
Different building laws and restrictions have to be considered before beginning construction.

We provide experienced Infill Construction services to Edmonton and Area.

Infill Construction | Edmonton Home Builders

What is Residential Infill Construction?

Infill Construction is a development process of re-purposing land from a prior structure, usually a house. Infill developments are popular in residential neighborhoods where older homes have reached a point where repairing or improving them in their original footprint is not as cost effective as building something newer that can stand many more decades. People find appropriate homes for their families within these older neighborhoods and in this way neighborhoods experience gentrification and revitalization.

If you have land that is in a currently developed neighborhood and can be used for infill construction, discuss your custom home design with us. Our homes are designed and custom built to your needs with our expertise of custom home construction, building codes and experience working with city planners.

Special Building Permits

Cities dictate their own urban planning standards, and permits are required to develop spaces with infill construction.

Common Infill Homes in the Edmonton area:

Attached or Detached Bungalows

These are typical big or small bungalows standing independently or connected to a row of bungalows. The infill bungalows are open for any and every kind of customization.

Semi-Detached Houses or Duplexes:

These are the most common infill homes in Edmonton. The side-by-side duplex homes consist of two dwellings joined on one side, sharing a wall. They can utilize 50-foot wide areas. The up-and-down duplexes are two separate homes with each storey having individual entry access from outside.

Single Detached Houses or Small Lots:

These are the typical multi-storey infill houses built on the lots that are as small as 33-feet wide. As these homes are built on lots that are less than minimum standard size, they are smaller and tighter than usual semi-detached homes.

Skinny Homes:

As cities become more crowded and housing becomes more expensive, skinny homes become the last and best resort. Skinny infill homes are a smart alternative to enjoy the features of both, duplexes and multi-storied homes in a narrow area.

2 Story Homes:

Our staff and administration is very familiar with permits and constructing infill projects. We are capable of building all types - ranging from bungalow's to 2story that each have their own regulations, and building standards, require their own permits and construction considerations.

Our Infill Construction Process Includes:

  • Thoroughly inspecting the location
  • Designing a custom home plan with unique Davery fine finishings
  • Providing necessary information about the building laws and permits
  • Detailing the construction process as planned

We respect the time and budget of our clients, which is why we are known for building custom luxury homes within the specified timeline and budget.

Whether it’s about redeveloping a current existing house or making additions to a mature structure, we would like to discuss with you what we can bring to your project.


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