How to Make Design Choices during Your Home Building Project

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January 8, 2018
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Saying that building a new home from scratch is difficult would be a definite understatement. There are so many logistical, financial and structural factors to consider before one commences the project that it can be hard to keep track of a few. But, surely you already knew about that.

What most people tend to underestimate is the difficulty of making design choices or decisions that are aesthetically pleasing and will retain their freshness and grace even after the inevitable passage of time. It is not difficult to make bold designing decisions in an effort to embrace your individuality. But, a vast number of people who go down this road come to partly or completely regret their decisions. Let’s see what we could do to help you deal with this uncertainty:

The Flooring

Your flooring options are subject to two major factors: your budget and your color scheme. Hardwood flooring is both aesthetically pleasing and cozy, but it is also one of the costlier options. We certainly recommend using hardwood flooring wherever you can since it is organic and it does not attract molds and allergens. But, you also have the option to carpet your rooms as it is a more cost-efficient that also gives your room a more luxurious vibe. You can also consult your home builder in St. Albert if you are confused about which color or material to opt for.


The Kitchen

There are several advantages of building a fully furnished kitchen. Two of these substantial benefits are the significant increase in convenience and the surprisingly high resale value. There is also a popular trend of building well-structured kitchens with heavy cabinetry. While this option is certainly interesting, it might not be as spacious as an open kitchen. Sparkling white cabinets also seem tempting to many homeowners but the cost of maintenance associated with these could be significant, considering the fact that they wouldn’t remain white for too long.


Laundry Room

Investing in a decent laundry room with functional storage units is always a good idea, from a utilitarian as well as economic point of view. Not only is it more convenient to do these necessary chores in a comfortable setting, a well-built laundry room can be used as an excellent utility for storing jackets, backpacks, and your brand new adventure gear. Talk about the merits of compartmentalizing.

laundary room

The Bathroom

Scrimping on the bathroom budget is never a good idea. Newer bathrooms built by reputed home builders in St. Albert are nothing like the older ones. We have noted trends such as elaborate carpeting, glass enclosed shower spaces, crafty, high-end finishes which are especially highlighted with the help of classy lighting that an old-timer would never believe belong in the bathroom. However, we do. We believe in the scope and utilities that a bathroom can offer and can customize it according to your comfort and preferences.


Are you now seeking elaborate designing solutions? One way to ascertain your dream-home turns into an artistic marvel would be seeking the expert services a custom home builder in St. Albert such as Davery Homes would provide. Davery Homes have slowly built a name for themselves because of their tasteful new home constructions which define the term luxurious living.

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