All You Need To Know About Infill Construction

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August 14, 2017
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August 22, 2017

Any city, state or country always aims to develop their infrastructure and public transport system for the greater common good of people. Governments spend millions of dollars to give people the best of infrastructure through various urban development projects. Infill construction is a way through which underdeveloped land or property is redeveloped. It is broad term and can mean three things

  1. Turning mature areas into more densely built housing

  2. Expanding existing buildings

  3. Demolishing old buildings and constructing new ones in its place.

Davery Homes specializes in residential infill construction which comes in the first category mentioned above. Through infill construction, we help in community redevelopment and regional growth.

There are many types of infill homes that we build for our clients. Some of them are,

Attached or Detached Bungalows

These are essentially bungalows which are either attached to a row of bungalows or are independent bungalows. These bungalows can be easily customized as and when required.

Semi-Detached Houses or Duplexes

These are side-by-side duplex homes which consist of two separate houses joined on one side by a wall. In an up-and-down duplex, there is one home on each story and each of them has a separate access to the street.

Single Detached Houses

These are the typical multi-story infill houses built on the lots that are as small as 33-feet. As these houses are built on lots that are less than minimum standard size, the houses are smaller and tighter than usual semi-detached houses.

Skinny Homes

Skinny homes are the best option for crowded neighborhoods with expensive houses. These homes give the best of both worlds as they include features of duplexes and multi-storeyed homes. These structures can be built on areas as small as 13 feet.

2 Storey Homes

These are single homes which consist of two stories. 

When we do residential infill construction we provide the necessary information about building laws and permits. And our infill houses have a custom home plan and custom Davery fine furnishings.

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