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Before choosing a property that is right for you, eventually, you would make a list and ask the landlord everything to ensure you have closed in the right deal. You should also ask questions when you are looking for home contractors. You will get across many prospective contractors, and you will need to choose the one which you feel will do your work rightfully. And to choose the perfect home contractor you will have to question them, and their answers will let you know if they are the best suited for your work or not. Here we provide you with some set of questions which you can ask your prospective contractors.

1) For How Long You Are Working in This Business?

It is important to know the years of experience a home contractor has in the field. The more experience they would have, the more likely they will conduct the work with expertise. Companies which have established themselves properly over the years know how to provide quality work as the customer desires, and they will deliver the work in budget and on time. It doesn’t mean that new companies won’t deliver the quality work which established company can, a recently opened company can also deliver quality work.

2) Have You Ever Worked on Similar Project Previously?

It is essential to know if the home contractor has worked on a similar project as yours. You will get to know if they will be able to provide the services you need. If someone hasn’t worked on a similar project previously, then it could be problematic. A home contractor without experience will not understand the aspects as properly as the one with an experience can. An experienced home contractor will give you suggestions too if something they seem can be done better.

3) What Will Be Your Timeline for Completion?

The house owner needs to know when the contractor will start the project, and when they will end it. The scheduling of the project completion timeline will help you to plan your daily routine accordingly. Ask them if there would be any changes in the schedule, and how will they address it to you. If there are any circumstances that can affect the schedule from your or their side, then be alert. Ask them if they are working on more other projects which can distract the focus and they might focus less on your work, eventually leading to delay in work. Are there any current bids which they have not finalized and could affect the timeline of your work. Such concerns should be discussed and questioned with the home contractor.

4) Do You Have A Proper License?

No one wants a person to work on their house without a proper license. Every state and province has its own rules and regulations. The home contractor should have a proper license that abides by the law of authorities. And they should have acquired it by going through proper channels. A worker and contractor should also have the license in their particular field of expertise. No one wants a licensed carpenter to work as a roofer. They might show you their business license, but that is not enough. A business license is approved to run a business, but it doesn’t approve for a person to work as an individual contractor. So a contractor must have a credible license to work as a contractor.

5) Can I Speak With Your Previous Clients?

It is always better to see the bigger picture. Every company or contractor likes to sing their praises from previous clients, but for the reality check, you would need to ask them if they can provide you with the contacts of their previous customers. After you ask for the contact numbers if they start to hurry up, and exits from the meeting, then you should exit from their contact too. This means that something is malicious. A good home contractor will provide you with the required contact details, and you can ask those customers everything you want to know about the client.

6) Can I See Your Insurance?

It is illegal for home contractors to take a project without a legal license and insurance. They need to acquire proper insurance, so if any accident takes place at your home while working, then you shouldn’t be responsible for paying their bills. A home contractor might say that yes, they have the insurance, but there is a difference between hearing and seeing things. So you should demand to see the insurance certificate. That will instil the bond of trust between you and the contractor, and you will have peace in mind.


7) What The Working Days Will Be Like?

There will be times when you will not be present at home because you have to attend your duties too. So you should ask the home contractor that at what time in the day they will begin working and at what time they will end the work. Ask them if they need any specific items to be removed around their working area. During the working days, do they need you to be at home for some specific work. You can also advise the home contractor on some important information like the parking in the neighbourhood, which restroom to use, who will be at home among your family during the day, and any other thing that concerns you.

Asking such sets of a question to the prospective contractor will clear all the confusion. You will be able to take a stronger decision regarding the home contractor. You can also contact us and get the best home contractor for your home project in Edmonton.



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