6 Ways to Make Your Small Living Room Feel Larger

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Optical illusions and the psychology of colour can go a long way to making your smaller living room, or any room in your home, look and feel larger. Here we discuss some of these elements and more to transform your room.

1) Large Windows

More windows and larger windows bringing in more light will make the room feel more spacious. When selecting the right type and style of window, avoid tinted, grained, or frosted windows as they reduce the light permeability in the room. Blinds, shades or curtains, discussed further below, can also enhance the windows and the room. Keeping windows clean is also important to keeping the room look spacious.

2) Light Paint Hues

Light paint colours help to make your living room appear more spacious. Pale colours such as whites, cream, beige, pale greys, blues, and lighter tones of any colour keep it light, airy and open. Dark colours are definitely design-friendly, but they make a room appear smaller. The same trick applies to the ceiling and flooring. You can also try something different. If your floor is dark, then paint your ceiling a light shade. This will give the illusion of space as your eye will be drawn upwards.

3) Window Coverings

As mentioned above, you can use blinds, shades or curtains. They not only let more light inside while providing privacy but also make your room less cluttered. Skip opaque and dark-coloured curtains that can block any light. Thick curtains will absorb light and make your room appear smaller. Choose light-weight curtains and draperies if you wish to opt for curtains instead of blinds. Choose the same colour for your curtains as you have your walls or off by only a shade or two. This way, the curtains will blend into the walls making your living room look smaller. You can also mount the curtains near to the ceiling and have extra-long drapes.

4) Stripes

Stripes add length and make a space appear elongated. using this optical illusion with rugs, wall coverings or drapes your room will already feel much larger. Orient the stripes to go the length of the room that is the longest for optimal effect. Once you have selected your carpets and rugs, start placing them strategically. Create the appearance of having a larger living room by using different rugs underneath different pieces. Keep one rug under your couch, armchair, table, etc. each.

5) Mirrors

Mirrors are wonderful for creating the illusion of more space. Placing a mirror across from a window is the best way to reflect light and make the room feel twice as large. Another trick is to place a large window behind an art piece or a coffee table. Doing so makes it look like a whole other space is tucked behind the mirror. You can even group smaller mirrors together on a wall and paint the frames in the same colour to create uniformity.

6) Less Furniture

The way you choose and place the furniture in your home also plays a role when it comes to making your room look bigger. One large sofa instead of multiple small ones actually decreases the look of clutter and makes a room feel larger. Next, look for sofas with exposed legs rather than ones with a skirt or boxy bottom. Chairs and tables with a thinner and smaller profile or frame will add the sense of more space as well. Your room will feel instantly more open as light will be able to flow underneath furniture with exposed legs. Place large furniture pieces away from each other if possible.

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