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We should consider ourselves fortunate that we are living in the era of smart phones, smart cars, smart homes, and smart kitchens. Man has made effective use of technology to provide convenience and comfort to people. And this is reflective in every sphere of our lives. Be it travelling, telecommunications, cooking, or even recreational activities.

These days there is a growing increase in the number of people opting for smart kitchens. People get high end home builders to incorporate technologies like artificial intelligence, bluetooth, and internet of things to their homes. The results are not only astounding but also highly utilitarian. We are slowly moving towards an era where we will make our gadgets work harder for us. So, what constitutes a smart kitchen?

High-tech kitchen components like refrigerators, cabinetry, and cooktops will automatically assess our needs and produce results with minimum or no effort.

High-tech Refrigerators

Thanks to the internet of things (IoT), refrigerators are no longer a mere storage device. They are much more than that. Smart fridges have the capability to display the list of ingredients stored inside. This feature has taken kitchen inventories to a completely new level. So, if you end up running out of a particular cooking ingredient, you will be able to see it on your kitchen display. Additionally, your smart fridge will also be able to adjust its energy consumption based on the things it stores within.

Anti-microbial Countertops

Your kitchen is your holy grail. It is space where you cook food for your entire family. It is, therefore, important that it is well-kempt and clean. With the help of high end home builders, you can get countertops that are resistant to microbes. This is possible by using those surface materials that tend to be more sanitary than the others, such as Corian, Quartz and laminate surfaces. Surfaces that have too many pores and fissures tend to accumulate bacteria, moisture, algae, and other harmful microbes.

Kitchen Cabinets

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In the popular Cartoon Network show, The Jetsons, you must have seen Jane Jetson pushing a few buttons and dinner is ready. Well even with this ‘modern technology’, the cabinets she used were pretty old-fashioned. These days, companies are using the latest in-motion detection and sensitive technology to revolutionize the traditional uses of kitchen cabinets.  Some of the common features in the technology-driven cabinets of today are:

Sliding Doors

Motion sensors attached to these cabinets will sense the movement of your hand near the cabinet you want to access and slide open. Wave your hand again and the door will close. Doors can also hide integrated top-of-the-line appliances and slide open when you need them.

Fingerprint Security

Just the way you have a fingerprint lock on your phone, even your kitchen cabinets will recognize your fingerprint and allow only authorized people to access the contents of your cabinet. This could prove to be an excellent feature in keeping children away from cabinets that contain knives and other harmful things.

Dynamic Drawers

Drawers will also have motion sensors that will be able to detect your touch and slid open to reveal the contents inside. You touch it again and it will close.

No doubt, these appliances will convert your regular kitchen into an automated, technology-driven space. If you too wish to incorporate these components in your kitchen, then get in touch with high end home builders today.

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