The Latest In Kitchen And Bath Faucet Technology

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Technology has transcended traditional styles in kitchen and bathroom faucets. Gone are those days when you had just one choice to make when it came to selecting a faucet. Let’s skim through the most renowned range of faucets available in today’s world, some of them that even our home builders highly recommend.

Ball Faucet

Ball faucets are the traditional model range in faucet technology. Such type of faucets is devoid of a washer which is a mechanical object inside the faucet. Since a ball faucet is an old technology which is still in use by home builders for homes built on sizeably frugal budgets, it lacks the latest trends in kitchen fixture designs. A ball faucet is mainly for rooms like kitchens

Disc Faucet

This is a modern type of faucet used widely today. It is made up of a single-handle lever and a cylindrical body. The kind of faucet technology home builders attest to here is the ceramic framework. There are two ceramic discs inside the faucet. One outstanding function of the disc faucet is that it can mix hot and cold water inside its functional body. The water temperature is regulated by the lateral positioning of the faucet handle. The disc faucet range is resistant to leakage and is very efficient with fewer repair possibilities.

Cartridge Faucet

This faucet is a two-handle faucet mounted on the sink countertop. This range of faucets can be single-handled as well. The handle moves up, down, left and right whether it is two handles or a single handle. The operation of the handle is pliable and smooth. The cartridge faucet requires maintenance and repair only after an indefinitely prolonged usage. It doesn’t take a lot of physical pressure from the user. So, leakage is minimal.

Compression Faucet

A compression faucet as the term indicates uses a pressure stem aligned with it, requiring that the handles be tightened. One handle is configured for hot water and the second handle for cold water. Wear and tear in the rubber inside the faucet causes heavy water leakage and repair in tandem. The body of the faucet is composed of a water head with two handles which are meant to regulate water flow. The washer will need replacing when the handles can’t tighten anymore around the rubber. However, this kind of faucet is used in old homes and with added reinforcements to its mechanism for new homes. They are affordable and maintain water pressure.

Since you are now familiar with the faucet characteristics, get in touch with us to learn more about faucet history and technology. Our home builders will be happy to share more information on these types and also install them in your house.

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