The Latest Trends in Bathroom Designs

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August 1, 2019
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When homes take a step towards the latest trends, people living in them can have an even more calming and easy life. And when your entire home is in line with the latest trends, why should your bathroom not deserve a makeover? Here are some of the best and latest bathroom design trends that you can choose from for your bathroom.

Brass and Gold Fixtures

Starting with your bathroom fixtures, pick something that is back in fashion and is going to stay around for some time now. Shades of brass and gold are taking over sinks, toilets, and basically anything and everything in your bathroom. These warm-toned fixtures are ideal for adding just the right amount of depth, dimension, and luxury feels to any space. Pair these fixtures with white tile walls and flooring for a charming and rich bathroom space.

Long Skinny Tiles

When planning to give your bathroom a facelift, try something unusual and trendy. Long skinny tiles are taking over the trend as they look slick, pretty, and very cool. Select the colour of your choice and let your high-end home builders redo all the bathroom walls so that your bathroom looks fresher than others. 

Black and White Bathrooms

One of the easiest ways to modernize your bathroom without overdoing anything is picking a black and white theme for your bathroom. The richness of black and purity of white come together for an alluring bathroom space. Talk to your high-end home builders to know endless ways to add a dash of this two-colour theme.

Underfloor Heating System

Add some of the latest technologies to your bathroom by adding a heating system under your floor. For colder regions like Edmonton, an underfloor heating system is perfect to getting rid of chilliness and the need to wear slippers when in the bathroom. Underfloor heating can be used with a variety of flooring options like tile, concrete, vinyl, and wood to name a few.

Drinking Ready Bathroom

How about sipping on to your favourite beverage while having a shower? Or just sitting back and relaxing in your bathtub with a glass of your drink in hand? Soothing, right? Countless luxury bathroom designs now feature a beverage center or under-counter refrigerators near the makeup area to provide a complete and calming experience. All you have to do is select the right spot to fit this feature in your bathroom and describe what you need to your high-end home builders. They’ll make it happen for you.

If you have any other imagination of a perfect bathroom in your head, explain it to your high-end home builders. But if you are out of ideas, these professionals can suggest some of the trendiest bathroom designs that you will adore till the next bathroom renovation.

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