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October 5, 2020
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Are you thinking of getting a home through infill development? Before you do, you must have basic knowledge of this type of construction first so that you can make a well-informed decision. When you have enough knowledge, you’ll be able to weigh your options and determine whether or not you want to push through with it.

What Is Infill Construction?

Infill is a process of developing vacant or under-used land in existing urban areas that are already developed. The process involves demolishing a building and replacing it with something new. It also includes the development of residential, commercial or office buildings that are situated on vacant lots in existing neighbourhoods. 

What Are The Benefits Of Infill?

If you are thinking about going down this road, here are several benefits of infill development: 

1) It Is a Housing That Fits Everyone’s Needs

The existing houses in Edmonton today don’t necessarily fit the needs of everyone. For one, new families choose to live in their current neighbourhoods but will need more space, while seniors also want the same thing but are looking to downsize to support their mobility. With infill development, it can help create custom homes that meet the needs of everyone. 

2) It Is a Housing That Fits Financial Needs

Infill developments don’t only benefit homeowners but also the local government. These advancements can increase the use of local amenities and help save taxpayers money because there will be no additional infrastructure needed to accommodate the new construction. Moreover, infill homeowners’ neighbours can benefit financially because they can simultaneously increase property value throughout the neighbourhood. 

3) It Is an Option That Keeps Neighbourhoods Alive

There are plenty of neighbourhoods in the mature area and are now undergoing renewal and replacement through infill development. This type of construction renews infrastructures and revitalizes the social well-being of the area by bringing in more families. 

4) It Is a Development That Helps the Environment

Infill development encourages people to live in nature-like neighbourhoods, which decrease harmful car emissions. Additionally, they comply with new building codes, which promote energy efficiency more than ever. With this, the city’s overall environmental impact is more significant!

5) It Is a Development That Promotes Better Health

Infill developments create walkable and accessible communities. Living in an existing neighbourhood helps reduce the dependency on vehicles. Another aspect is that infill developments have to adhere to new building codes, which allows for better accessibility. 

6) It Has More Choices of Neighbourhoods to Choose From

Infill housing lets prospective homebuyers build their home in a community they want to live in, instead of being tied down to the ones that are currently being developed. Being able to choose a neighbourhood will let you build exactly the house that will meet your needs. You can also custom build in the current area you live in, which allows you to stay in the social circle. On top of that, there will be fewer adjustments on your end, which is especially good if you have children. 


Infill development is relatively new to the city, and with the predicted population growth, Edmonton is all in for infill housing. With the many benefits that you can get from it, it’s no wonder that many homeowners are considering it. The trick here is to find a reliable infill housing contractor that can build you the house of your dreams!

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