The 6 Steps to Planning and Building Your Dream Home

Floor Plans
How to Properly Read Floor Plans
September 4, 2020
Infill Development
The Rise of Infill Development in Edmonton – What to Know
October 12, 2020

The process of building a home can be challenging, but it is always exciting. It is a dream of many to undertake this plan, but it can be a daunting task to figure out where you need to begin. To that end, we have designed this step-by-step guide to help you plan and navigate the building of your dream home.

Step 1: Think About What You Want in the House

This is the time to think of the things you want in your home. Not everything might be possible when it comes time to determine your budget, but it does not hurt to dream. Anything from a hot tub in the master bath to an extra-large water feature in your garden can be on the table. Make sure to include your family in this discussion and take their ideas into account.

Remember to outline your “wants” according to necessity and priority to have an easier time with the next step.

Step 2: Find and Build Your Team

Your next step is to find and build your team. This can consist of a designer, an architect, and custom home builders. For more complex builds, you might need to add specialists, such as landscape architects and so on. 

From there, you can talk about the things you want in your home. Luckily, architects and designers are well-equipped to determine a client’s tastes and preferences. They will likely show you photographic references of design choices you might want. 

After this initial discussion, the architect will provide the plans for your home and the interior designer will give you concept boards and inspiration for what the interior of your home might look like, which brings us to the next step. 

Step 3: Waiting for the Budget to Be Determined

Once you’ve decided on what you want and when you want the project completed, the custom home builders will take time to give you a quotation of the build. The cost of all the materials, labour, and other necessary fees will be included in this quotation. Once you receive your initial quotes, you may feel free to negotiate should you rethink aspects of the project.

Step 4: Project Planning

Once you have decided on a budget and the specifics of the project, your construction team will present you with a step-by-step plan for the construction of your home, according to your agreed-upon timeline. If there are any issues with the timeline, this is the best point to communicate your concerns about it. 

This is also the stage when applications for the necessary permits and licenses are filed. When the timeline and permits are finalized and all parties are satisfied, the next step can commence. 

Step 5: Wait for the Home to Be Constructed

The foundations will be built, the walls will be constructed, and so on and so forth. Make sure to review your home plans well, and inspect the work every so often to make sure your wishes are being followed. This might also be a good time to hire a third-party home inspector to ensure all regulations and requirements are met during the project. 

Step 6: the Interior Is Finished

Once the structure is complete, the interior designer and the rest of the team will work on the interior. Artwork, paint, wall coverings, furniture, and so on will be added to the interior. This is the stage where a house becomes a home. 

If you’ve hired a home inspector, this should be the second phase of the inspection. It is during this phase that the appliances will be tested, along with the plumbing and the electrical systems. 

Final Step: Your House Is Done!

This is the point where you and your family can finally move into your newly constructed home. Enjoy, look back on how the process went, and rest easy in this next important phase in your life. 

If you’re looking for custom home builders in Edmonton, send us a message at Davery Homes. Your dream home is just a few steps away with us.



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