The Top Home Maintenance Tips That You Must Never Avoid

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A home is built with dreams, but more importantly, it relies on the materials a home builder uses. Your home builder’s construction is bound to succumb to issues from time-to-time. Hence, keeping track of its maintenance should always be the priority. Although maintaining your house can be a cumbersome task, it is necessary to put effort into keeping it livable. Read to know the home maintenance tips that you must never avoid.

In the Interior of the House

  • Keep the Kitchen Sink Disposal Clean

On a monthly basis, keep the drain clear for a fresh-smelling kitchen. Run frozen vinegar cubes down the disposal for easy and quick results.

  • Clear Range Hood Filters

For these, use a degreaser mixed in hot water. Let the filter soak in for a while and rinse it after a few hours.

  • Clean Bathroom Appliances

These include bathtubs, sinks, toilets, washing machines and other appliances in your bathroom. To avoid the occurrence of mould, mildew, and leaks, clean corners and all around them every month.

  • Keep the Drains Clean

Regularly cleaning the drains with easy home methods can help keep the drainage system clear and avoid any leaks in the house.

  • Ring the Pest Control Service

Run a regular pest control check-up inside the house with the help of professional service to get rid of insects and any unwanted guests in your house.

  • Clean the Water Heater

Your water heater needs annual flushing and cleaning to avoid any probable issue because of the sediments that accumulate over time at its bottom.

In the Exterior of the House

  • Cracks in Your Weather Stripping

Over time and with changes in the weather, the effectiveness of your house’s weather stripping can reduce. To keep up with this, it is recommended to conduct a yearly check on the stripping to make sure it’s doing a good job.

  • Fix Any Damage in the Roof

Run a quick check on the condition of the house’s roof for visible cracks or damages to prevent water leakage into the house.

  • Test the Smoke Detector

Make sure to check the smoke detector or carbon dioxide detector in your house if they are functioning well. You can test it with the ‘test’ button on the alarm. If you can’t hear the siren, you may have to replace the batteries or look for any possible corrosion on the battery terminal.

  • Clear the Driveway

Use a pressure hose to clean any dirt or debris off the driveway and the exterior of the house. It will help avoid any buildup.

  • Lubricant for Garage Doors

Springs on the doors break because of corrosion or age. Use a lubricant once a year to avoid any mishaps and make them last longer.

  • Repair Caulk Around Windows

It is important to repair any damaged caulk around the doors and windows to prevent leaks.

Following these maintenance tips will assure the safety and long life of your home. If nothing works, you can consider renovating your home. Approach a home builder who adheres to standards of quality and craftsmanship to help furnish your home which you can call yours. At Davery Homes, we promise dedication to our work and value for your money.

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