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Metallic finishes and accents look stunning, no matter what they are added to. So why not use the metallic accents in your home to make space look awesome too? Our home builders often get queries asking about different ways to incorporate metallic accents, especially copper accents in their homes. Thus, we decided to talk about copper touches in homes in detail. 


Start adding a touch of copper to your home walls. You can select a focal wall and convert it into your room’s accent wall. This is where you can try various DIY patterns using the copper metallic paints. If you think you cannot make patterns on your home walls, you can hire our home builders to do it for you. They will also suggest more of amazing home painting ideas using metallic home paint colours.


Another method of adding a copper-like touch to your home is by getting copper-coloured or copper alloy furniture pieces. Get a copper-toned table and chair set, and place it in the most visible part of your house. Let these pieces of furniture attract the most amount of attention. If you aren’t a fan of copper furniture, you can limit yourself to a small copper-toned teapoy.


If you like plants inside your house, this is a great opportunity to use copper elements in your home. Ditch the usual china clay or porcelain vases and planters and go for rich-looking copper planters. And if you don’t have a lot of space in your home but still prefer some vegetation, you can always pick small succulent planters. They are easy to maintain and don’t occupy a lot of space.

Lamps and Chandeliers

You can also install copper-themed lamps, lights, and chandeliers in your house to be in the feels. When bright light illuminates these copper elements, the beauty is incomparable. Copper lights can redefine the entire look of your room without much effort. Make sure you install the right kind of lights at the right spots so that space looks pretty. You can also ask our home builders to help you here. 

If you talk to our home builders, they will suggest ore of these interesting ways to include copper tones and accents in your house. With several years of experience in home building and remodelling, we are pros and deciding what works well and how. 

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