3 Classic Designs to Consider for Your New Home

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If you’re looking for reasons to renovate your home, there’s no better time than the present. Modern technology has allowed homeowners to achieve their visions for their properties, even on strict budgets. Many homebuyers have been considering older styles favouring new ones, making them trendy again. In fact, that rustic cabin you were recently eyeing may not be as old as you think—it might have repurposed old materials to achieve that classic pastoral look. It was also probably built within the last few years.

Most new home construction takes inspiration from older styles. Even if you asked an architect to design a house just for you, the techniques are likely based on a previous tradition that was particularly famous in a specific era. Colonial and Georgian designs, in particular, have endured in popularity over the last two centuries, with other styles like Victorian also making a comeback. 

Whether you’re house-hunting or looking to renovate, here are three classic designs to consider for your new home:

– Contemporary Queen Anne Victorian

However, if you find an original home, you’ll want to repair and waterproof the windows. Double glazing the sashes will help it keep in line with its original aesthetic. You can also ask custom house builders in Edmonton to manufacture any replacements.

You can also update any ceiling roses you find in a home by juxtaposing it with a contemporary light fitting. You can also create a contrast with the moulding by painting a vibrant shade near it. You’ll have a modern Queen Anne Victorian on your hands by the time you’re done! 

– Neo-Victorian

A Neo-Victorian house is similar to a Contemporary Queen Anne Victorian because they both take inspiration from Victorian architecture. Although original Victorian houses didn’t have many bathrooms or closet space, a Neo-Victorian home will provide all the amenities needed to accommodate a modern lifestyle.

Traditional Neo-Victorian houses usually included scallop-shaped shingles and rooflines with many gables. Many owners install genuine stained glass windows taken from other Victorian homes to take it up a notch. If you want your new home to stand out, this is definitely an idea to consider!

– Folk Victorian

Folk Victorian is a simple yet equally charming style that is sure to bring warmth to your home. Although its heyday was at the turn of the 20th century, many houses have continued to take on its style. The identifying features of a Folk Victorian home include porches with spindle-work features, an L-shaped or gable-front plan, and details that are reminiscent of Queen Anne and Italianate homes. Simply put, the Folk Victorian is the working-class version of the resplendent Queen Anne style. 

If you’re considering a move to a quieter place, a Folk Victorian will perfectly match the vibe. This classic design features symmetry in plan and detailing, and a single-story full-width porch is often the house’s focal point. Additionally, Queen Anne-inspired brackets are integrated to add detail to cornice lines and porch posts. It’s definitely a more rustic design, which is sure to inspire comfort in anyone who looks upon it!


Looking for a new home is always an exciting process. You have a world of designs to choose from that will make you call it your own. If you’d like to stand out from the crowd, these three classic designs are top contenders for a unique home that marries both contemporary and traditional. 

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