3 Enticing Trends for Interior Lighting Design for 2018

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Appropriate illumination of the house is critical, not just to provide enough light but also to suit the atmosphere of every single room of the house. Interior lighting used for one place may not work for the other area of your home. Every room serves a purpose; therefore, the lighting has to be appropriate to reflects its function.

With advancements in the lighting technology, new trends for interior lighting keep popping up. As a result, advanced technology fixtures and bulbs are available in the market. Homeowners who love styling their homes according to recent trends must incorporate upcoming lighting trends into their homes. Here are five lighting design trends 2018 that homeowners must take note of:

1. Starburst Chandelier

As the retro style lighting has made a comeback in 21st century, we are observing a comeback of chandeliers as well. These chandeliers have a modern touch and are renamed as starburst chandelier or sputnik chandeliers. Among all the lighting design trends in 2018, a starburst chandelier is an item you must have in your house. Unlike other traditional chandeliers, this modern design of chandelier comes in a unique shape and has a focal point of its own. This type of chandelier is best suited for large rooms, such as the living room of your house. Starburst chandeliers are made up of polished metal from which light bulbs stemmed at the end of the rod.

2. Energy saving lighting sources

Being eco-friendly is a trend. Keeping in mind sustainability, homeowners are shifting towards using energy efficient bulbs for interior lighting. Homeowners are using earth-friendly lighting options such as LEDs and CFLs to lighten up the interiors of their house without compromising on the lavish decor. Unlike incandescent bulbs, these lighting options consume 25-80% less energy that brings down the energy consumptions levels rapidly. Following this trend is not a bad idea, you may ask your custom home builders to help you out with energy efficient options.

3. Vintage Edison style bulbs

It seems we can never get enough of the retro style. Another interior lighting style option is the vintage Edison style bulbs. These Edison style bulbs are the best option for people who are fond of the retro style. Such a lighting option not only adds a nostalgic touch to the home but also ensures appropriate lighting to every corner of the room. Are you wondering how to follow the trend with these Edison style bulbs? The answer is simple. Modern LED powered bulbs aids long lasting and less energy consuming option for interior lighting of your home.

Interior lighting is an important part of your home. Whether you are constructing your home or renovating it, consider these trends, as trendy interior lighting not only beautifies your home but also ensures appropriate illumination in your home. Get in touch with us at Davery Homes to know more about interior lighting design trends 2018.

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