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When we design our homes, we inadvertently end up displaying our personality in every room. Even custom home builders pay heed to the needs of each client and understand their overall personality. This helps them shape their designs to reflect the persona of the client. If your persona reads ‘cool as a cucumber’ in CAPS, here’s your lazy guide to the laidback kitchen makeover.

1) Choose an Open Layout

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An open kitchen layout is a must if you are looking forward to a laidback kitchen makeover. Plus, the benefits of having an open kitchen are many. To begin with, it makes your cooking space brighter as there is room for natural light to enter your kitchen. Hence, it is also an energy efficient option for your home. Open kitchens are also great option for those of you who host dinner parties regularly, as it helps you stay in touch with your guests while you are busy in the kitchen.

2) Get Cabinets and Drawers that Close Automatically

The next thing to include in your kitchen is smart storage. Get cabinets and drawers that can mechanically close on their own. Automatic closing drawers work mechanically to glide the drawer back into the cabinet. So, the next time you open your kitchen drawer for the microwave bowl, you don’t really have to take the effort to close it, as it will happen automatically.

3) Choose Colors that Don’t Show Stains

It is clear that only a laidback homeowner would want a laidback kitchen makeover! So, the changes you would make for your kitchen will only help you work less in your kitchen later on. It is, therefore, a great idea to opt for dark colored countertops and cabinets as they don’t show stains easily. You can consult with custom home builders to choose colors that fit well with your kitchen design and functionality.

4) Get a Lazy Susan for your Dining Table

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If you plan on having a proper dining table in your kitchen, then you’ve got to get a Lazy Susan! No more passing the salt to your guests anymore; all they need to do is rotate the center!

5) Or Ditch the Dining Table Altogether

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Alternately, you can also consider doing away with your dining table completely. Instead, just set up a few high chairs on the extended portion of your kitchen countertop. This will not only give your kitchen a touch of contemporary designs but also save you money on getting a new dining table.

Looking forward to spruce up your kitchen? Connect with us and we will help you bring out the best in your kitchen.

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