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April 4, 2018
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Usually, a mudroom constitutes a very small area of your home. In most cases, it is placed right at the entryway. Anyone who enters your home is first introduced to your mudroom before they discover the rest of the house. It, therefore, becomes important that your mudroom is clean, neat, efficient, warm, and welcoming. So, why not think out of the box for a modern and appealing mudroom? With the help of custom home builders in Alberta, you can do a lot to spruce up your mudroom. Take inspiration from these cool mudroom design ideas:

1. Opt for A Wooden Barn Door

Give your mudroom a rustic feel by using a wooden barn door to separate it from the rest of the house. The sliding door will not only save space but will also add an earthy charm to the entryway of your home. You can maintain similar rustic elements even inside the mudroom to maintain the synergy in your design. Maybe add wooden shelves and faux wood flooring to complete the look. We assure you that your mudroom would resemble a space like that of a country home living room.

2. Include a Shallow Bench Area

One of the main functions of a mudroom is to store shoes and coats as you enter the house. And for that purpose, including a shallow bench area could work wonders for your mudroom.  With a bench in your mudroom, you won’t find yourself struggling to wear your favorite pair of boots with the support of a wall. You can also use the space below the bench to store your shoes. Complete the look by fixing a rack right beside the bench for your guests to hang their coats.

3. Create a Mudroom that Flows

This might sound like a typical phrase a designer would use, but using this mudroom idea could actually make a huge difference to your home. A room-to-room mudroom pathway can incorporate the best of indoor as well as outdoor elements. Opt for stone floors and walls to merge your outdoor design with your indoor mudroom decor.

4. Double it Up As A Spare Room

If you have a huge place, then you could use your mudroom as a spare room. Have a few cabinets, comfortable seating, and efficient storage furniture to make the most of your mudroom. With the help of custom home builders in Alberta, you can determine the functionality of your mudroom, and double it up as a spare room.

Do you find these design ideas interesting? If yes, then reach out to custom home builders in Alberta to know more on how to make your mudroom an exciting space in your home.

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