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July 1, 2019
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July 22, 2019

Decades ago, kitchens were treated as a room just for cooking and washing the dirty dishes. Fast forward to 2019, the kitchen is now an integral part of the house. If we can pop other rooms with vibrant colours, the kitchen definitely deserves some makeover too. The conventional, stereotypical white needs to be replaced with some dark, woody effect. And the only way it can be reflected is through kitchen furniture. Now, kitchen furniture doesn’t necessarily mean a granite cooking platform. You could always play with the cabinets and shelves to add a pop of colour to the overall decor of the kitchen design. 

You’re going to be surprised with what you can do with shelves and wooden cabinets. They need not be the usual dark brown. Ask your custom kitchen builders to add a stunning dash of veneer finish to the cabinets and voila! These top choices of kitchen finishes can help you if you’re starting your kitchen decor with a clean slate. 


Dyes are a lovely choice of finish, and hence, it makes up to the top of this list as they match the existing colour of any type of furniture perfectly. The advantage is that dyes are wood finishes that are available in both water-based and oil-based. Dyes also protect the interiors of the wooden surfaces that they are applied over.

Oil Finish

If you plan on using natural wood as your kitchen furniture, the oil wood finish is going to be your best friend. They improve the appearance of unfinished wood. The oil finish replenishes the lost natural oils of the wood and nourishes the wood grain. Oil finishes have the ability to protect the wood for both internal and external use. 


Varnish is a solution made up of oils, solvents, and resins. It is usually clear and transparent. If your cabinets have vibrant colours that could eventually fade away, then using varnish can give it the much-needed UV protection. You can add varnish over any other finish too. For instance, you could apply a coat of varnish over dyes for better protection.


Shellac, a natural wax finish, is secreted from a bug that lives on trees. A mixture of this collected shellac and an alcohol solvent gives a better consistency for a wood finish. The added advantage? Shellac is available in a varied spectrum of colours, is easy to apply, and dries quickly; leaving behind a glossy, high-shine effect on the wood.

Colourful Stain

Wood stains are a popular choice and had to be a part of this list. Stains change the look of the wood completely and are present in different colour choices. One tip: choose a stain colour that is two shades darker than the colour of the wood. This will intensify the visibility of the wood grain.

These were the top five kitchen finishes for 2019 and indeed work wonders in giving your kitchen a new look, even on a budget! To know which kitchen finish is the right one for you, contact your nearest custom kitchen builders or you could book a consultation online for all your kitchen renovations.

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