Top Trends In Basement Renovation To Look Out For In 2018

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For a long time, we have been neglecting or downplaying the true potential of our basements. Most of us believe that basements are supposed to be dark and messy extensions in our homes which can be used for storage.

However, with the real estate prices soaring each year and homes getting more and more compact, we have been witnessing a trend where homeowners are utilizing the true aesthetic scope and efficacy of their basements. We have handpicked some of the most recent and smartest basement renovation trends for the year 2018. Read on to know more:

A Theatre Room

Wouldn’t it be great to watch a movie with your friends on your very own big screen? A theatre room lets you do just that. Movie enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the idea of converting a stuffy, old basement into an aesthetically appealing, designer mini-theatre room, equipped with a projection screen and a top-notch sound system.

People who have alternative storage space in their home can easily redesign their basement into a theatre room. Reliable residential homebuilders are capable of executing a finish for this project which would inspire envy.

An In-House Gym

Considering the rising importance for maintaining your fitness, it would definitely be a good idea to convert your basement into a full-fledged gym. Gym equipment is extremely bulky and takes up too much space. This is why most people abandon a plan like that at the early stages of renovation. But, a basement has enough space to accommodate such gym equipment. In case having a gym is not something you have in mind for this space, you can also include a spa in the scheme of things.

A Mini Brew-Pub

Brewing your own beer is something most homeowners wish to do and your basement is the ideal setting for executing this elaborate plan. Most pubs today are too erratic and crowded and hence, it would be a good idea to keep provision for adequate seating as well in your basement brewery. You and your friends could certainly enjoy the game, with a drink or two. Custom residential home builders understand such an exclusive plan needs attention to detail and proper utilization of space too and would ensure the project is executed accurately.

An Extension of Your House

It might seem unusual, but if you are running relatively short on space, you could divide the living room in such a way that it does not look congested. Homeowners can convert their basement into an elaborate dining area which showcases your ancestral artifacts and your luxurious crockery. Such refinement would certainly change the scope of a daily evening meal.

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These ideas might seem wonderful during planning, but they need to be executed by an experienced custom residential home builder such as  Davery Homes. Davery Homes is a specialist, luxurious home builder and is well known in the industry because of high quality-standards and emphasis on attention-to-detail during home renovations.

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