Understanding the Difference between a Custom Home Builder and a General Contractor

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October 8, 2018
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Now that you have decided that you want to build yourself a new home, it’s time that you start the planning process and set things in motion. While you will eventually figure out answers to questions such as “where am I going to build my new home” and “how big a home do I need?” there’s another question that you need to find an answer to. The question is: “should I opt for a custom home builder or should I settle for a general contractor?” Your eventual decision will have a huge bearing on your eventual result. So, here’s what you need to understand before you make a choice.

The Method

The general contractor and the custom home builder, both go about the construction process in radically different ways. Here’s the primary difference between how they go about respective jobs.

The Custom home builder’s team executes the entire construction on their own with utmost independence. Unlike the general contractor, the homebuilder doesn’t arrange an ensemble of independent subcontractors who are assigned their respective duties as per their areas of specialization

The general contractor is the de facto ‘project manager’ of your new home construction. And, because the contractor doesn’t have a team of their own, they simply arrange a line-up of independent local contractors who are skilled in the respective duties that they’ll be assigned

Flexibility and Customization

As far as a new home construction is concerned, flexibility and customization go hand in hand. Only when the builder is flexible can they be accommodating of your customization. Now, this is where the custom home builders will offer you much, much more than a general contractor ever could. The entire point of going for a custom home builder is that you get the license to customize your home the way you see fit. If you don’t intend to compromise on your ‘vision’ for your new home, opting for a custom home builder is your best option.

Time and Money

You may have to pay the custom home builder a slightly higher sum as the luxury of quality building standards and total customization does come at a higher price; having said that, your general contractor can be more expensive, depending on their subcontractors’ efficiency. You see, a general contractors’ earning is based on what they have to pay their subcontractors plus an additional sum they get to claim as ‘profit’. The longer the general contractor’s subcontractors take, the more you’ll eventually pay. This is one of the reasons why the general contractor manages to complete the building faster than a custom home builder (for higher profits!). The other reason being that the custom home builder is more meticulous and won’t mind spending that additional week ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with the end result.

Are you still unsure about your choice? That’s understandable, building a new home is a big deal. Contact us, perhaps having a word with our experts can help you better decide.

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