What Not to Do When Your Home Is Undergoing Renovation?

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When someone says home renovation, the first thing people usually think about is a hammer smashing their kitchen or their front porch. And then the rebuilding would take place and the kitchen walls and floors will be upgraded. Many also enjoy scraping off the flooring and updating it with a new hardwood one. Bathrooms are another area of a home that many homeowners want to upgrade and make luxurious. But then comes the bigger blow, the house has been broken in half and the budget collapsed when you put in the fancy new bathtub. Now you’ll have to suffice with laminate flooring instead of a hardwood flooring.

Home renovation is a job that requires a lot of investment and proper budgeting. A lot of prospects of home renovation are supposed to be kept in mind. The homeowner must be able to manage the workings of the renovation contractor and know what do to do and when to it. This raises the need for proper precaution and making a list of the tasks to be taken care of before any issues crop up.

Things Not to Do While Renovating

There are certain points you need to consider more than others when you go for the renovation of your home. If these things are left unnoticed, there will be costly consequences and you’d regret it. Because after the renovation is done and the contractor has left with his construction goodies, you will bang your head on the wall when you remember that the wiring for the bathroom was faulty and you didn’t repair it while the wall was down.

1.    Unrealistic Budget Plan

Home renovation is not grocery shopping and you won’t be able to do all the work in just a limited list of goods and renovation materials. Renovation costs always go over budget and overhead costs can get extended due to weather conditions or due to some problem with the contractor. Edmonton home builders often experience bad weather while renovating and it adds up to the cost of protecting the work that is incomplete.

2.    Altering the Design Origin of the House

Stop following trends for once. Trends don’t build a home. In home renovation, trends keep coming and going, but when you have a housing structure from a classic era, keeping the original flavor of the home intact will pay when you sell the home. Changing the basic layout of the home will have you scratching your head when you’ll have to select a different design for all the rooms and living spaces.

3.    Thinking More about Formation than Function

A house is made for living in it with the comfort that matches your criteria. Think more about the functionality of the house. A fitting that looks good but doesn’t offer the comfort you desire is a bad investment. Take for example a case of wall detail. You put up a designer wall in your study so you can’t put a table in front of it. Now, the lights are illuminating the wall and you have to study in the glare of a desk lamp. Always think twice about how you’re going to use an area once you redesign it.

4.    Ravaging the Whole House

Renovation does not mean that you have to go all Hiroshima & Nagasaki on the whole property and build up again. Many people go ahead and throw a sledgehammer on all the walls and floors and start everything from anew when not even needed. This not only increases the budget but also puts a lot of material to go to waste. Make sure you don’t harm the base structure of your home doing that. Check your home for areas that are in good condition and do not need a makeover, then design your renovations to match them.

5.    Buying Materials Too Less or Too Early

Renovation materials are not sold according to the size that you want, they have to be brought in and installed after a bit of trimming to match the size and shapes. For example, flooring should never be bought until the designs and measurements have been finalized. Even after that, you must always buy materials in an amount that is 20% more than what is needed. It covers up the inevitable wastages and the installation trimmings. Similarly, you must not buy appliances before the renovation is complete so that you can know in the end what and where you can fit in the new space.

6.    Forgetting the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the most utilized space in the house and it needs to be updated when you renovate your home. Upgraded bathrooms will add to the resale value of your home. You don’t have to go get the most expensive bathtub for it. Just update the plumbing and wash basin fixtures with new and classy ones, get a renewed tile flooring or classic stone walls and your bathroom will look new and up to date.

7.    Forgetting the Electrical Renovation

What’s behind the walls is as important, if not more, when you’re getting your home renovated. Stripping down the walls tends to open out any problems in the electrical wiring. Once you have found potential wiring issues, you can address them before going ahead with the renovation.

8.    Choosing a Home Builder in a Hurry

Choosing contractors and home builders in Edmonton in a hurry is not a good idea. Not every home builder packs the experience and workforce that can get your renovation job done in time and with the necessary steps. Always interview several contractors and home builders and always look for trustworthy references. A good home builder will always think one step ahead of the job at hand and will make sure that the renovation provides both comfort and style.

If you’re ever in a need of a home renovation, make sure you don’t make any of the mistakes listed above. For a home renovation, contact us at Davery Homes and get a distinct approach in your home renovation.

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